(Live Now) 5 most important areas for IAS Prelims 2023 and how to cover them for 120+ marks? | FREE Masterclass by Santosh sir (cleared UPSC Pre 6 times)

Attend this practical Masterclass to score sure shot 120+ marks in IAS Prelims 2023. Santosh sir has mentored 500+ students to clear UPSC Prelims till date

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Some opine that the Prelims is the toughest stage in the UPSC exam. On the contrary, some toppers say that they cracked it on the very first attempt with 120+ marks. Is there any game of luck? Or the rankers are especially blessed by God!

The simple answer is ‘NO!’ 99% of aspirants fail the IAS Prelims even in their last attempt because while keeping an eye on many things, they cannot pay attention to the real points. 

UPSC exam is such a weird exam that only those who study for 6 hours a day & keep an alert-eye on these 5 points, can clear the exam with 120+ marks for 100% sure.

Santosh Gupta heads the Smash Prelims program for CivilsDaily.

Ascertaining the most problematic part of the exam, which the students face, we are conducting an on-demand MASTERCLASS where Prelims Guru, Santosh Gupta sir will be disclosing those 5 vital areas on which If you work, you will pass for sure. 

UPSC Prelims Masterclass Details: 15th September, (Thursday) at 7 PM.

Crucial 5 points will be discussed in the Masterclass

  • How to cover the syllabus as widely as possible. First, let’s divide everything into its respective topics because UPSC does not provide any syllabus for prelims. So, how to do a UPSC-Prelims-centric study will be discussed.
  • How to maintain a proper balance between memorization & understanding. Both are co-ordinating parts. So, how much you have to memorize will be discussed 1-1.
  • How to develop MCQs solving skills. One agrees or not, for UPSC prelims without developing MCQs solving skills, one returns home increasing negative marking. So, how to start solving MCQs without much -ve marking, is going to be discussed.
  • How not to lose hope if more offbeat questions come in the paper? UPSC Prelims trends to more offbeat questions. How to identify offbeat questions! And how to use the offbeat approach will be disclosed by Santosh Sir.
  • What is ‘Intelligent Guessing’ (TIKDAM)? How to utilize it. Intelligent guessing means finding clues in the question or options themselves. 
  • Many more untold secrets that only a UPSC Prelims expert can highlight.

Think that CSP is more of a test of our skills than our knowledge base. As such, general knowledge is the most specialized skill for prelims. Many times, your learning from our masterclass will come to help and this is why we always insist on taking our session seriously. It helps you develop basic concepts, confidence, and a good self-image.

Tavishi failed thrice in the Prelims before but after joining Santosh sir’s mentorship cleared Prelim 2022 in her 4th attempt.

You must be aware that clearing prelims are probably the toughest part of one’s CSE journey these days. Not only are the questions random and difficult, but even the options are also getting more mysterious every year.

So, apart from the above, some more extra crucial points will be discussed in the Masterclass

• How to keep one source for one subject confidently

• Learning to compile things; books, notes, test solutions

• Revising PYQs as much as possible

• Practicing the most useful MCQs

• Making notes, especially for Prelims of daily current affairs

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