5 UPSC Memes for Every IAS Aspirant

A few banners to light you up while you prepare for the CSE Mains ahead! In no particular order then, here are the top 5 UPSC memes:

Everytime I attempt the CSE Prelims Paper 1 and feel like taking a guess, the options throw me off!


And just after the Prelims gets over and you get the answer keys, here’s where SHOLAY waley Chachaji comes in the frame…


And if that wasn’t enough, you have a new found army of relatives to take care of when they ask:


In those moments of solitude and self reflection, you think…


And then the eternal reality unfolds – First attempt ho yaa last attempt, UPSC shall prevail!

Hope this puts up a cheerful smile! We thought it’s about time that we show the lighter side of Civilsdaily. A lot of you guys have been reading daily news with us and we hope that current affairs are a bit easier to follow ever since!

Feel like adding more to this list of meme? We would love to hear from you guys. Share it among your friends or study groups to lighten things up!

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Had your share of laugh? Good. Now get down to some real work and read the essential strategies for clearing IAS Pre and Mains, here:

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