(Video inside) 50 critical themes for UPSC 2023-24 by Sajal sir | Register for PDF and 1-1 session

Sajal sir will discuss and share 50 topics that an aspirant must cover before anything else for UPSC prelims 2023 and for the next 18 months for UPSC 2024 aspirants. He will also share Macro and Micro strategies for the upcoming months, as important and probable other topics as well.

What you should expect from the session?

  • As per the UPSC Trend and pattern analysis of UPSC based on the previous 15 year’s CSE exams, Why and which 50 topics should every aspirant prepare before anything else?
  • Solid approach for the next 18 months for UPSC 2024 even if you have just started the preparation? Strategy for the next 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and like that, will be shared with you.
  • Weekly, Monthly, and quarterly targets.
  • How to cover the UPSC syllabus from the core? Best sources and methods.
  • Time management – invest effectively 5 hours per day for UPSC success. How to effectively manage preparation time? Make a timetable and set targets.
  • Managing UPSC preparation with a serious time crunch; job – working professionals, college students, and family (especially for homemaker aspirants)
  • Making and updating notes, and building a foundation with NCERTs
  • Breaking the inertia towards answer writing, and attempting mock tests.
  • Do’s and Dont’s; and breaking the myths around UPSC. Eg. Aspirants from rural or non-engineering backgrounds are at a disadvantage
  • Enhancing retention- Revision techniques that are common, standard, and used frequently. What exactly are they?
  • Don’t miss out on this super important workshop.

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