60 Days Intensive Plan for Focused Revision 2021 || Target 130 + || Overall Guidance by Santosh Sir

60 Days Intensive Revision Plan To Score 130+ In Prelims

This is almost a fact. The next 60 days can make or break or career. You may score 90+ and still NOT qualify or you can get 120-130+ and start preparing for Mains. 

So, the ONLY question is – Are you ready for that extra edge that can help you score well above the cut-off?

10 Salient features of 60 days plan

  • 30 Tests for Prelims-2021 (8 Basic + 8 Full-Length Test (FLTs) + 10 Current Affairs + 4 CSAT tests)
  • Evidence-based question making with 360-degree testing
  • One strategy call in the beginning by Santosh Gupta sir and rest through habitat group
  • Current affairs Magazine 2021 by CivilsDaily of one year
  • Economic Survey and Budget Videos for Prelims-2021
  • Video on Score boosting TIKADAMS for prelims-2021
  • Static content (PDF & Videos) on GS for prelims-2021
  • Decimate Prelims Content for Prelims-2021
  • Learn to interlink Static and Current affairs
  • Learn to maintain consistency and boost confidence


Santosh Sir can make it happen for you. Starting with one individual strategy call with every student, Santosh Sir will guide you through an intensive revision program that will help you score well above the cut-off in THIS attempt!

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User Avatar
2 years ago

Unable to access content under the ‘learn’ tab. Couldnt locste today’s test either.

User Avatar
2 years ago

No response on my mail yet and no resolution provided either. Can you please look into it as every passing day has its value now.

User Avatar
2 years ago

In case you cat resolve pl. refund my money so I can join some other test series. I don’t have time for this while less than 60 days remain. No one has bothered to contact.


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