Prelims Daily

6th June 2019 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Dear students,

1. In the comments section, share your score and also let everyone know the logic you’ve used to mark certain answers. This will trigger intelligent discussions benefitting everyone.

2. Completing the test should be your top priority. Focus on accuracy rather than simply attempting more questions. Give enough thought to each question, we have increased the time limit so you can do this.

3. At the end of the test, click on ‘View Questions’ button to check the solutions.

*You can attempt the test multiple times for your own practice but only your first attempt will be counted for rankings.

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tahir fazal
1 year ago

Kindly provide links from where questions have been framed.


My first test on Civilsdaily: Score – 3/5

Pirtpal Singh
1 year ago

Same here

prakhar sinha
1 year ago


Vijay Kumar
1 year ago

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Biswajit Ghosh
1 year ago

4 of 5 questions answered correctly

You have reached 4 of 5 points, (80%)

Average score 46.81%
Your score 80%