7 Oct 2016 | Debate | Can the sexes ever be equal?

Despite every organisation, every government and the whole world in general talking about the importance of gender equality and increasing the participation of women in the workforce, there is only minor progress.

For some background see here – http://bit.ly/2dJlIHq

Even the US, supposed to be much ahead in these matters, will only elect its first female president ever. Since there is limited progress even after decades of trying are we doing something wrong? Even women in workforce complain about the bad working conditions. Something very relevant to us are these policewomens stories of bad working conditions –


The debate is whether the India can ever reach a point of complete equality of the sexes? And why do women feel that are workplace conditions are bad even after having women CM’s, PM’s, Presidents in India? Will female IAS, IPS etc officers make a difference?

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