7 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Not strictly a GS1 topic, but still answer it!)

Recently genetically modified crops and seeds have been in the news. Should GM crops be allowed? Discuss with special reference to environment and biodiversity.

Demand – What are the issues related to GM crops.


– What are GM crops? (2 marks)

– What are the concerns that make them controversial? (2 marks)

– What are the concerns relating to their effects on environment and biodiversity? (2 marks)

GS2 (International relations)

West Asia is an important region for India. Are we giving less attention to it in light of the Look East policy? Are better ties with Israel and Iran leading to problems with other West Asian nations?

Demand – Analyse the relations with West Asian nations given the Look East policy and improving relations with Iran and Israel.


– Importance and relation with West Asia. (3 marks)

– Is there an impact from the Look East policy? (2 marks)

– Do improving relations with Iran endanger relations with Saudi Arabia etc? (5 marks)

GS3 (Impacts on Indian economy)

Many multilateral trade treaties are being discussed around the world such as TPP, RCEP etc. What are these trade treaties? How can they impact the present international trade structure as evolved under WTO? How can they impact India?

Demand – Discuss effects of multilateral trade treaties and impact on India.


– How are these treaties different from bilateral treaties and WTO? (3 marks)

– What will be their effect on existing trade structure? (3.5 marks)

– Impact on India. (3.5 marks)

GS4 (Case study)

You are studying a remote tribe. They consider their territory to be very important and don’t want to move away from there. It has cultural significance and its loss would deal a huge blow to their culture. Somehow you come to realise that the location also has rich uranium reserves. There is intense global warming and carbon neutral sources such as nuclear power are very important at that time. These reserves would be very important for the nation. What would your course of action be?

Demand and Approach – No hints in case studies!

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