[Prelims’24 Webinar]Make Micro-Thematic Notes to Attempt 7-8 Extra Qs in IAS Prelims 2024 | Webinar by Zeeshan Sir

Micro-thematic analysis is used by rankers and senior aspirants to attempt 7-8 extra questions in UPSC Prelims.

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Aiming for UPSC Prelims 2024? Picture this: answering 7-8 extra questions and soaring to the top! It’s not just a dream—it’s possible with Micro-Thematic Analysis.

Join Zeeshan Sir’s Webinar to learn – Micro-Thematic Analysis

  1. Get an Edge: Learn how to master Micro-Thematic Analysis.
  2. Tailored for Success in Prelims 2024: This webinar is designed for aspirants like you gearing up for the UPSC Prelims. It will help you gain those 20+ extra marks.
  3. Simplified Strategies: Zeeshan Sir will break down note-making based on Micro-Themes into simple steps.
  4. Known to work tactics: Join the league of successful rankers who swear by Micro-Thematic Analysis.
  5. Interactive Session: Ask questions and learn directly from Zeeshan Sir.

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These masterclasses are packed with value. They are conducted in private with a closed community. We rarely open these webinars for everyone for free. This time we are keeping it for 300 seats only.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch