9th July 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 10th July-

GS-1 Urbanization, their problems, and their remedies.

GS-4  Case studies

Question 1) 

Examine how India’s poor are likely to tremendously bear the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures being taken to limit its spread. Suggest measures to decrease this impact. 10 marks

Question 2)

Compare the procedures adopted in the Indian and the U.S. Constitution towards the constitutional amendment. Do you agree with the view that the flexibility towards amendment procedure has led to more number of amendments to the Indian constitution? 10 marks


Question 3)

Government expenditure has increased manifold since 1947 but the form and manner of keeping data have remained more or less the same. In light of this examine the issues with payments, accounting and transactions data system of the government. Suggest the measures to improve it. 10 marks

Question 4)  

Suicide frequency among the youth and especially students is rising in the country. Education is to be blamed for this to a great extent. Today while education is imparting attributes needed for competition and existentialist requirements, it is failing to give us eternal values like courage, character, patience, honesty, integrity, etc. Do you agree? Give reasons. 10 marks



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