A strategy for Indian Economy: Advanced Free Public lecture series by Economist Himanshu Arora

Full Course description:  India’s economy is undergoing a transitional phase where it is moving upward from being a low-income country to a middle-income country. The transition is important for the future development of the country. However, the path to prosperity is full of challenges that require immediate interventions. Noted and renowned economists like Raghram Rajan, Abhijeet Banerjee, Parchi Misra, Sajid Chenoy, E somanathan, etc. have been writing on contemporary issues faced by the Indian economy.

In line with the outline drawn by these noted economists for the future trajectory of India’s economy. We at civils daily are launching a free public lecture programme called An Economic Strategy for Indian Economy to cover all the major contemporary issues of Indian economy and the reforms required to tackle the same. The series will cover lectures on India’s Growth, Macroeconomic Stability, Indian Agriculture, Manufacturing, Exports, Banking reforms, Health and education reforms, Infrastructure, Energy reforms, Fiscal and government budgeting and Women labour force participation.

The topics that we will be covering are very important for the UPSC civil service exam both prelims and mains, RBI Grade B, SEBI, and NABARD. Each topic will have one or two lectures to give you complete knowledge of the issue and way forward. This series is been made keeping in mind the mains examination of 2019 and the probable topics that can be asked in the exam. The series will also be a booster for students planning to write a civil service exam (Prelims and Mains) next year.

About Himanshu Arora Sir

Himanshu sir has a wide experience in the field of both academics and policy-making. He has earlier taught Economics at both under-graduate and Post-Graduate level in Delhi University. Currently, he is working at the Prime Minister economic advisory council. He also writes columns regularly in prestigious newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express and Millenium post.

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Afrin Rajsah
Afrin Rajsah
3 years ago

brilliantly explained. i “catch up” with the explanation Thanku