Ace Anthropology Optional with the Mentorship of Anthropology 2019 Topper, Rinku Lather IRS|| Last 10 Seats Left|| LINK INSIDE

A major dilemma faced by all UPSC aspirants is choosing the right Optional subject. There are 2 papers in Optional, each being 250 marks. Hence, you will be 500 marks closer to clearing Mains with an optional subject aligning to your academic background.

If you’ve already decided on Anthropology as your Optional Subject, then congrats! First, for making up your mind and next, for choosing that life-saving optional which has helped many aspirants become toppers in UPSC.

Is Anthropology Optional a Scoring Subject?

After changing their optional to anthropology, Anudeep Durishetty bagged AIR 1 in his 4th attempt, Akshit Jain got AIR 2 in his 2nd attempt Apala Mishra bagged AIR 9 in her 2nd attempt, Geethanjali Sharma secured AIR 32 in her 3rd attempt and Rinku Lather secured AIR 232 in his 2nd attempt (with this optional). Anthropology is among the top 3 preferences of UPSC toppers. However, after 2019 the subject has got tougher and is no longer that easy for aspirants to score above 300 marks.

Understanding the scoring nature of Anthropology Optional, we’ve launched a marks booster cum mentorship program by Rinku Lather IRS. Rinku has been able to score top marks in both of his attempts.

How is the structure of Rinku Lather IRS’s Anthropology Optional Course?

There are two variants of the course:

  1. For Mains written aspirants (click)
  2. For other aspirants

Rinku Lather IRS sir will conduct syllabus completion classes on Google meet, which will help students write their own notes. Topic-wise discussions will be held.

He will conduct both doubt clearing and answer writing discussion sessions on a daily basis. The aim is to provide quality enrichment sessions with value-added inputs on important topics.

Apart from this, the program will have 1-on-1 mentorship calls* by Rinku Lather IRS sir with the intent to boost your scores in Anthropology Optional. (*For mains written aspirants)

What will you learn in the Free Anthropology Orientation Session?

It’s always better to learn the tricks of the trade with the best in the business. With 288 marks, Rinku Lather sir was among the Anthropology toppers of UPSC CSE 2019. In the first session, he will give an orientation on —

1. Main dimensions of Anthropology Optional. How will Paper 1 and 2 be?

2. His Go-To Preparation Strategy. What are the books he read and how many times he revised before exam?

3. What are the scoring topics in Anthropology. Why is it better to focus more on the ROI topics?

4. Difficulties faced by aspirants while preparing for Anthropology Optional and how to avoid them? Learning from experience of others’ mistakes is always the best way to go.

Session Details

The first session of the Anthropology Course by Rinku Lather sir is free for all to attend.

Anyone writing UPSC Mains in 2021 and 2022 will benefit from the session. There will be a Q&A session too where all anthropology enthusiasts can engage with the topper, Rinku Lather IRS.

To register for the free live discussion click on the link below.

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