Afraid to fail your exam? What if you knew this?

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Finding success in the UPSC journey requires every aspirant to identify their “weak” areas and rectify them.

I think my number of revisions of the syllabus is still less.

Why are my marks stagnant in the mock test? Do I need a new book?

Should I change the optional subject?

At one point during preparation days, these questions cross every aspirant’s mind. While it is important to have the right technique aka “smart study” strategy for this examination but is that enough?

What about that crazy SELF-DOUBT VOICE in the head? What about those SLEEPLESS ANXIETY-filled nights? What about those LACK OF SUPPORT LOOKS you get when you did not clear prelims for the 3rd time? What about that FEELING OF GUILT that prevents you from having a day off? And finally what about the SUFFOCATION you feel carrying so much mental stress on your shoulders?

Click here to fill the Samanvaya form for 1-1 mentorship. We will call you within 24 hours.(Also provided at the bottom of the article)

MENTAL HEALTH as an issue has always carried a sense of stigma in Indian society. So, why should the stress and anxiety associated with UPSC preparation be treated any differently!

Even if you are one of those courageous extroverts who speak about these mental challenges, you always have that one friend who sends you a motivational quote to get you over your MOOD SWINGS with some extra advice to memorize the quote as it can be helpful for GS 4 and essay.

Honestly, sometimes you need more than a motivational quote. In our interaction with some 1000+ students, even the smallest act of acknowledging an aspirant’s anxiety and stress can go a long way in maintaining the right frame of mind during preparation.

Emotional Stability is crucial to remain sane during this preparation and also to enjoy the whole process. The first step towards a balanced approach is to identify that as a human having lows and highs is pretty much normal. If you are not able to finish the decided target, then it is alright to feel bad and push yourself a little extra for the next day. What you need to avoid is “unhealthy behaviour”. For example, putting yourself under so much pressure that your performance starts to deteriorate or belittling yourself that it starts to affect your confidence.

We are not here to diagnose any clinical conditions. But as former aspirants and gaining years of experience through mentorship, we are a big advocate of people’s interaction for healthy minds.

Sometimes, in this preparation, all you need is a person to hear you out and understand you. And unfortunately, some of us are not able to find that one person in our family or friends. There is no shame in asking for emotional help. It helps if you have a person who can listen to your worries and reduce some of your pressure. Talking to your mentor can make you feel supported in the toughest times. The worst part of silo preparation is that aspirants tend to create the idea that all these emotional upheavals are exclusive to them. Trust us this is not true!

A holistic UPSC preparation includes the right technique to complete your syllabus, revisions and mock test and a healthy mindset.

Reach out to us if you feel like nothing is going right in your preparation. Talk to our mentors about your emotional worries, and remove the burden of anxieties from your preparation.

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Before we end this, here is a video testimonial about one of our student from MENTORSHIP PROGRAM.

Sweety Raj joined the Ultimate Assessment Program (mentorship program) in October 2020. She works in a Bank as a Probationary Officer. Over time she has shown the quality of perseverance as despite having a job and responsibilities of being a mother of 2, she studies for 6-7 hrs a day.

Due to a lack of proper direction and perfect micro as well as macro strategy, she couldn’t get the expected results. Then, Sweety joined Ultimate Assessment Program-2021, and in this time span of 7-8 months, she started scoring well in prelims and mains answer writing also improved exponentially. Mentorship program became the savior for her.

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