Free Webinar: 10 things an IAS* Topper would ensure for a rank in UPSC 2024 that ‘Most Aspirants will IGNORE’ | Pranav’s (IAS, AIR 65) Masterclass (Join FREE)

A Game-Changing Webinar/Masterclass for UPSC aspirants by AIR 65, Pranav, IAS

The journey to success in the UPSC exam is a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs, and stories of aspirants who defy the odds to achieve their dreams. One such inspiring story is that of Pranav Vijayvergiya, an IIT Bombay graduate who, despite failing to clear the Prelims in his first two attempts in 2018 and 2019, bounced back and secured an impressive AIR 65 in the UPSC 2020 exam.

From Failing Prelims to AIR 65: Pranav Vijayvergiya’s 10-Step Strategy for Sure-shot Success in UPSC 2024

Contrary to the popular myth that UPSC exams are a cakewalk for IITians, Pranav’s journey shows that success in the prestigious exam requires more than just an impressive educational background. It takes perseverance, smart strategies, and the right guidance to sail through the exam.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where Pranav himself will share his 10-step strategy for a sure-shot rank in UPSC 2024, and discuss the critical gaps he overcame with the help of Civilsdaily’s mentorship under Sajal sir.

Webinar Details:

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field! Here are the details for Pranav Vijayvergiya’s (AIR-65, UPSC 2020) live webinar:

Date: 6th May (Saturday) 2023

Time: 7:30 PM Onwards

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent to your registered email.

What to Expect in the Webinar:

In this enlightening webinar, Pranav will share:

  1. The 10-step strategy that helped him secure a top rank in UPSC 2020.
  2. The approach and strategic interventions went into overcoming five critical gaps in his preparation.
  3. How to improve bit by bit if you are weak in any subject?
  4. How to start answer writing and what topics you should pick if you don’t have any prior knowledge?
  5. What does IAS current affairs preparation mean? What are the best and most Effective, Holistic, and Minimalistic ways to prepare for Current Affairs?
  6. How to re-start or re-boost your Preparation if you have any previous failed attempts?
  7. What is the best platform for sectional and FLT online mock test series for Prelims & main?
  8. The secret behind choosing study materials meticulously. he consolidated his study materials and revised them as many times as he could.
  9. What is the role of 1-1 Mentorship in IAS Preparation?
  10. Many more UPSC Preparation secrets for success that only a topper can explain.

Why Should You Attend?

This webinar is a must-attend for UPSC 2024 aspirants, whether you’re attempting for the first time or repeating the exam after a failure. You’ll gain valuable insights from Pranav’s personal experience and learn the strategies that can help you succeed in your own UPSC journey.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to interact with a successful IAS officer who has walked the path you’re on and emerged victorious. Register now and get ready to revamp your UPSC preparation strategy with Pranav Vijayvergiya’s expert guidance!

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package UPSC 2024

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

What The Hindu opined about Civilsdaily Mentorship

AIR 65, Pranav, IAS (Serving IAS officer, Gujrat)

He’s an IIT Bombay Mechanical Engineer graduate and yet he failed 2 Prelims. Most folks will move on after 2 failures. Waiting for the 3rd is just too painful, but he remained hooked on the goal he had envisioned. He is presently serving as an IAS in Gujarat.

Karishma Nair, AIR 14 was also Sajal sir’s student
best coaching for upsc in delhi

The most important Seminar for UPSC Preparation 2024 by Civilsdaily’s Super IAS Mentor, AIR 65, Pranav, IAS sir Limited entry

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