AIR 84 | Straight out of College & Cracked UPSC exam in very first attempt | Ravi Kumar || UNHERD: Civilsdaily’s Toppers Talk Series (Link inside)

Talk to Ravi’s UPSC Mentors-

Ravi Kumar is from a small place in Alwar, Rajasthan. He is young and dynamic. Fresh out of IIT Roorkee, he successively cleared two UPSC Civil Services Exams. On the first attempt he managed to obtain AIR 770 and in the second one he finally got himself the coveted job of an IAS officer ( AIR 84 ).

He was inspired to become a civil servant right from his college days and started investing a significant amount of time towards preparation, ignoring what many of his classmates were doing at that time.

During this interaction, Ravi speaks about his inspiration, hardwork, distractions, managing stress and his evolution under the guidance of CivilsDaily over the last couple of years.

His optional is Geography, we will also try to explore the areas many aspirants find it difficult to get over. Whereas he leverages all his previous knowledge and skill to get more marks.

Guys, let’s hear more from Ravi himself and try to learn what a common aspirant learns in this quest to cross the threshold.

Talk to Ravi’s UPSC Mentors-

Heartiest congratulations to Ravi Kumar

AIR 84

UPSC Civil Services 2020

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