85% of 2021 GS 2 Mains Questions Are From Civilsdaily Smash Mains & Samachar Manthan Test Series!!|| All 2022 & 2023 UPSC Aspirants, Can You Answer these Questions? || Paper Got Released, Check Details Over Here|| Fill the Samanvaya Free 1-on-1 Call for UPSC Guidance

Dear Aspirants,

The 2021 GS 2 Mains Paper has concluded today. From this, we learnt not to skip the basics of polity or governance. A lot of answers in this year’s paper could have been tackled with static knowledge. Do not avoid preparing for topics like pressure groups or SHG, considering them as supplementary topics. These are in fact repeating themes in UPSC GS 2 since 2019. Quoting examples from current affairs and latest trends can get you that extra edge in the paper. International relations is all about identifying major themes and then keeping track of current developments on those topics. For 2022 students, identify the major themes first and then draft your notes.

Try to answer these questions. In case you are facing any difficulties, fill the form below for a dedicated Civilsdaily mentor to give you a strategy call in 24 hours. Share us your burdens and concerns, we are waiting to resolve them.

However, we did a quick analysis of this year’s paper and are glad that 85% of the questions asked came from our Samachar Manthan and Smash Mains Test Series. In fact, one of our students, Rajiv let us know the same as well. Take a look —

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