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Hello readers,

First of all wishing you a very happy new year. The Edition #0 of the CivilsDigest is out and we chose to put the .pdf file up for a complimentary download for the benefit of all the aspirant community.

This was made possible because a lot of our readers (old & new) came forward to support us with voluntary contributions. We are honored by the generosity shown by our student community. Would request you all to take a second and help us do more!

 Click this to Support Civilsdaily + Get your Edition #0

Pledging any amount to support us puts you in hero territory. We seriously appreciate you trusting us to build more high quality content & we will come out to surprise you with exclusive compilations & freebies as we grow!

Done? Great! Back to the magazine now

  1. The magazine is an exquisitely designed and neatly laid out compilation of most of what we put on the website + android app.
  2. We believe that while there is no dearth of content (or magazines for that matter), content approachability leaves a lot to be desired. CD’s focus is on making the content approachable so that it sticks with the student for long, really long!

But, I want the magazine offline! How can I get one?

  1. Edition #0 was an ONLINE only release. Hope you all have clicked the link in red (on top) to get your copy.
  2. We have tied up with a well known publisher to make the magazine available in hard copy and the Edition #1 will be available by the end of this week.

The details on pricing, distribution channels & availability are with them. We will keep you posted as soon as we have the information on all of these 3 heads. Understandably, we had to part with the name but it is designed and curated by our awesome writers and trust us, the color print looks heavenly to hold & read from.

I am cool with the online edition. Will the Edition #1 be available soon?

  1. The Edition #1 will be released by the second week of every month.
  2. Pricing details would be revealed shortly & be assured you won’t have to part with your ancestral wealth to be a monthly subscriber!
  3. What’s more? To make sure that it doesn’t becomes a yet another .pdf file in your hard disk, we have added 2 cool utility features –


Try out all this stuff in your copy of the CivilsDigest Edition #0!

What’s more, this facility works across your digital devices – mobile, desktop & tablets! We sincerely hope to be on your side as you prepare to ace UPSC this year.

Do great stuff!

PS: Help us reach out the next aspirant. Share this link to all the social communities & discussion forums that you are a part of.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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