All UPSC-CSE Mains Recommended Candidates, Here’s a Good News!|| Civilsdaily is Providing Free 360° Comphrehensive Notes on 250 Most Important Topics of Mains 2021|| Register Now & Get them for FREE|| Quality Enrichment Program

Program starting from the second week of December.

UPSC CSE Mains 2021 will be conducted on January 2022 and is hardly a month away. It’s time to practice a lot of test series and revise the topics.

We, at Civilsdaily rose to the occasion and have prepared consolidated notes of the 250 most important topics of Mains 2021. Each topic will have 2-3 pages of notes of material from the standard books and current affairs. They will also have relevant factual data and statistics highlighted in bold for every topic that will help you provide a solid introduction and conclusion.

And the best news is…. all of this is absolutely free for all Mains selected candidates! Just fill the form right now to request the QEP material and we will get in touch with you with ASAP.

How Quality Assessment Program be useful right now?

You might be wondering, with just a month away is it wise to register for any program right now, even for free? You don’t have to worry. The Quality Assessment Program is not new information. It’s consolidated revision notes from the standard books and current affairs of UPSC-CSE Mains.

Our initiative last year of compiling issues and topics that had a high probability of being asked in Mains 2020 was a thumping success– our toppers said they greatly benefitted from it. One such topper, Lakshay Chowdhary was gracious enough to give us a video testimonial.

Questions in 2020 Mains came from topics we covered like Pala period, Circum-Pacific zone, Online Education in India, Criminalization in Politics, 16 years of RTI, Microfinance etc.

Coverage of topics in QEP will have one and only one purpose – to enable you to write great answers for any question from a particular topic. To be able to write a convincing 250 words answer for a topic, you need to know atleast 1-2 pages of content for it.

At this point in time studying everything is not desirable neither is it feasible. You don’t have time to read everything, segregate what is important and what’s not, make notes, cover different dimensions, and then find a way to utilize that. What you need at this point in time is efficient and organized coverage of the most relevant topics for the IAS mains exam. With QEP we aim to help you achieve all this.

QEP or Quality Enrichment Program is an intensive and holistic program for IAS Mains 2021 GS papers. We aim to cover 250+ most relevant issues with a 360-degree view, covering all dimensions of each and every topic. Not only you’ll learn and analyze these issues but will also understand how to utilize them via Daily Answer Writing and Mains Test Series.

Topic-Wise Current Affairs From An Issue Perspective

Current affairs in the IAS mains exam must be covered from an ‘issue perspective’ and almost all of them have multiple dimensions to it, various stakeholders involved, have interconnectedness, and can be solved with a multipronged approach only. This should reflect in your answers.

QEP will help you enrich your pre-existing coverage and will add quality to it. With tests and mentorship, you will get an evaluation and necessary course correction. And we will provide daily answer writing to help you sharpen your answer writing skills and knowledge with our daily initiatives on Habitat.

Excluding your optional subject, we will be providing topic-wise notes from all the other GS papers for free. This includes Ethics case studies as well!

What are some of the topics that will be covered in Quality Assessment Program?

Unlike Prelims, Mains examinations are lesser dynamic. That’s why we have QEP for Mains and not Prelims. We are not like other dubious institutes who claimed to have figured out the exact paper pattern of Mains 2021. But if you put 2 &2 together, you will know that every paper has nearly 40 topics and we are covering 35 of the most important topics from every paper for Free! (Optional Subjects and Language papers are not included)

Here are 10 of the most important topics we will be covering

1. Scrapping of ease of doing Business ranking

2. Retrospective taxation in India :Issues and Challenges

3. K vs U shaped economic recovery in India

4. Governing OTT Platforms

5. Caste Census and associated issues

6. Antimicrobial resistance

7. Changes needed in Reservation system

8. Departmental Standing committees

9. Agenda of India in UNSC

10. India-Australia relations

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