Antiquity club: Cover Entire Ancient And Medieval History For Absolutely FREE! | Chat, engage, learn with Anushruti Pandey on Habitat

Complete Coverage, Revision, Detailed Analysis, MCQs, And Daily Feedback

Dear aspirants,

Cover the entire syllabus of Ancient and Medieval History with Anushruti mam for absolutely FREE! Take part in active discussions, and practice questions daily! Receive the most important feedback and learning techniques for a comprehensive History coverage.

What to expect from the session?

  1. Complete coverage and revision of Ancient And Medieval History.
  2. Practice questions for sharp answer-writing.
  3. MCQs and Most Expected Questions for this year.
  4. Detailed analysis and learning techniques.
  5. Group participation for better learning.
  6. Instant feedback and answer evaluation.

And more…

The session starts at 5:00 P.M.

All of this is available for absolutely FREE! Don’t wait, get started!

This is available for absolutely FREE but we request you not to miss it!

What do you have to do?

  1. Join Habitat For Absolutely Free Sessions!
  2. Read The Discussions Happening On The General Page.
  3. Click On The Blue Box To Join The Discussion.
  4. Participate, Ask Questions, Engage, And Learn!

Don’t Miss Out On The Questions That May Help You Succeed!

Here is a list of topics and discussions you can join immediately:

Revise Economics for IAS PrelimsRavi Ranjan11:00 am
English WritingAnand Prakash12:30 pm
Science and TechDr. Keerti1:00 pm
Samadhan CSATRavi Ranjan2:00 pm
UPSC EPFORohit Yadav3:00 pm
Chat pe News: Current AffairsAnjum Sharma4:30 pm
Antiquity: ancient historyAnushruti5:00 pm
Polity Laxmikant Amoghavarsha5:30 pm
Indian society and Social IssuesSiddharth 6:00 pm
Abhyaas: Answer WritingGarima7:00 pm
Samvad: Indian AgricultureRadhika Didwania7:30 pm
Prelims HeistParth Verma8:30 pm
Parakram Answer Writing sessionRohit Yadav9:30 pm
Post dinner MCQs for IAS prelimsAmitB10:15 pm

And many more…

Whatever you need, we have it here.

How to join a discussion?

After you have joined/registered on Habitat for free, go to the General club. Click on the blue box of the session you want to attend.

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Caretaker @civilsdaily

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