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Learn the art of Mastering framework in the Ethics (GS 4) Paper. We are sharing the EXACT FRAMEWORK used by Animesh (AIR 2, UAP Student of Civilsdaily) in his Mocks.

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We recently shot a Raw & Real Episode with Animesh, and we talked about how he was a below average scorer in the Interview.

But how can a below average scorer top the UPSC Exam with AIR 2? Closely analyzing his marks will tell you that he had performed SO WELL in his Mains – he had made his rank INTERVIEW PROOF.

That’s right. Even if Animesh scored 25 marks less than what he scored in the interview, he would still be Rank 11. That’s the power of an effective Mains.

But we will talk specifically about his Ethics Paper today. Animesh scored a whooping 134 marks in Ethics, one of the highest marks in the HISTORY of the Ethics Paper. Was he the most ethical person among the ~3000 odd people who wrote Mains last year?

We see students talking about how ethical they are in real life, but they aren’t getting enough marks in the paper.

The reason is simple. You don’t have to KNOW that you are ethical. You have to SHOW the examiner that you draw these principles from something concrete.

Your Ethics should be based upon theories of thinkers that you have read, or real life examples that you see in REAL world (NOT ANECDOTES which are majorly forced examples), the reading that you do daily in the newspaper, the way you THINK like a THINKER.

Analyzing Animesh’s Answer Copies with Civilsdaily, we draw some insights:

1. Unlike other aspirants writing generic answers, Animesh exactly addresses the implicit and explicit demands of the question.

2. Each part of the question is addressed – benefit of a proper structure.

3. Enriched Content – Use of cliche examples (Quoting Gandhi, Kalam in all questions related to visionary leadership) is minimal. Instead, prominent usage of REAL EXAMPLES (Quoting Suo-moto cognizance of Supreme Court in Manipur – definitely a differentiator)

4. Quoting diagrams where required – No SUPERFICIAL LANGUAGE-BASED Answers, instead KNOWLEDGE-BASED quoting of thinkers, philosophies.

5. Writing like an OFFICER – not like the crowd who wants to sound “ETHICAL”.

This is not something we are explaining just out of our finite minds. Look at some of his answers:

Look at how he wrote a definition of Conflict of Interest. Clear and crisp. Exactly conveys the definition – leaves NO SCOPE for the examiner to deduct marks.

Similarly, look at his usage of thinkers in almost all his answers:

Starting the definition of values by Quoting how Radhakamal Mukherjee defined it.

Quoting John Rawl’s Differential Principles

Similarly, the usage of Diagrams and its correlation with his marks is EVIDENT.

Diagram 1 – Showing Government’s Role in delivery of social justice.

Diagram 2 – Explaining Role of Education through History and quoting examples (Now that’s a NEXT LEVEL of value addition!)


Competition is FIERCE now. You MIGHT think you have a decent framework, you are quoting examples, you are quoting thinkers – but there is someone out there who is taking the competition to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • Quoting the MOST REAL & RELEVANT Examples which are the real differentiators
  • Using diagrams and quoting examples within the diagrams (NEXT LEVEL ENRICHMENT)
  • Most of all – having a THEME SPECIFIC FRAMEWORK (You don’t have to come up with a definition in the exam hall – know it beforehand!)

These ideas aren’t inherent. It can be built within. For how Animesh started with his first answer copy, we see a marked difference in how he improved over the time. We made sure he reached a level that competing with him would be a horse race – you lose a step, and it’s all over.

We intend to do the same thing with you guys. Shubham Sir (Senior Mentor, Civilsdaily – Mentored more than 500 rankers) will explain to you in great detail on a Strategy to Score 120+ Marks in Ethics. 

This is a NO-NONSENSE STRATEGY and we’ll be delving deep into Animesh’s (AIR 2) Answer Copies, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.

Join us in our Webinar, where we take insights from Animesh’s (AIR 2) Ethics Answer Copies, and devise a strategy to score 120+ in Ethics Paper with an effective framework.

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Specific Outcomes of the Workshop

1. At the end of the workshop, you will know the difference between a Generic Answer & a Well-laid structured answer.

2. Content Enrichment – Learning the art of quotes, examples which are REAL DIFFERENTIATORS.

4. Theme Specific Framework – Example (Corporate Governance, Emotional Intelligence, Aptitude vs Attitude – Having ready made points)

5. Presentations Aspect – Use of diagrams & interlinking with specific examples. 

6. Structuring of Case Studies, dimension coverage and linking points to theories.

8. Writing like an OFFICER – not just an aspirant!

Registration is FREE but MANDATORY!

Attend this Webinar if

  1. If you are struggling with below average marks in your Ethics Paper.
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  3. You think you are Ethical, but don’t know how to Write an Ethics Answer.

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