Ask a Question, Answer a Question – Round 6

Motivation is a tricky thing. 

It doesn’t last long without support and peer pressure! What to do then in case of this mother of all exam which needs an year long maintenance!


One of our team members came across this daily log maintained by a UPSC aspirant in his/ her days of preparation – Click to read this log of days

It might be useful if we have a “log of days” thread on forum where you guys tell each other about how useful/ fruitless your day was – your focus areas of the day – some tricky situations wrt. studies or otherwise which you came across which you would like a fellow to help you with?

It’s just an experiment which might keep you in good stead all through your prep days.

It would an entirely self moderated thread. We won’t have anything to do with it but we will ensure that it stays on top of the website forum.

What do you think?



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