Ask me Anything Session with IAS Officer Sarthak Agarwal (AIR 17)|| When Passion to Serve Triumphs Stress of Preparation|| Free Open for All Webinar|| Register Now & Get Economy Study Material By Sarthak Agarwal IAS

” I know my purpose in life is to use my skills to serve the nation and lead in its development. If not UPSC, I would have definitely found another way to do so. This is what made me study without any stress.”

Securing the first rank in CBSE at a national level and then going onto to crack the tough UPSC-CSE exams with an AIR 17 is not an easy feat. But Sarthak Agrawal has imagined and achieved both. He had left a prestigious position as a research economist at the World Bank as he wanted to serve his home country. It’s no surprise then that Sarthak comfortably achieved high scores in the otherwise unpredictable Economics Optional paper.

Key Takeaways of Sarthak Agarwal’s Webinar

1. Planning the day ahead. Is it better to be an early riser or a night owl?

2. Managing negative emotions of despair and stress. How did Sarthak study on days he felt low?

3. His sources for Economics Optional. And free handouts to everyone who registers!

4. Simplifying the UPSC preparation process. How did he manage to complete his studies within 8 months?

5. Should an aspirant join a study group and prepare? Sarthak Agrawal answers.

6. Know when to take the exam seriously and when to switch off. What practices Sarthak avoided completely which were popularly followed by other aspirants?

A major part of the session would be interactive and in Q&A format. This will surely benefit any aspirant who are in midway of their preparation.

Webinar Details

Register for this free webinar by IAS officer Sarthak Agarwal and get his economy notes from us!

Date: 14 November 2021

Time: 2-3 P.M

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