[Update] Ask a Question, Answer a Question – Round 1

Major Update:

Hats off to the community for an amazing participation. We never do this thing (flashing numbers and claiming a top spot etc.), but these numbers are insane. Notice the REAL time users. If the participation remains this high over the weekend, we will make it a weekend affair!

Think of this as a dinner table conversation with no theme. The idea of this blog is to experiment with a hypothetical BIG family dinner table setting!

Do one of the following:

1) Ask CD readers a question.

2) Answer someone’s question.

You may want to tell your strong points/ favorite subjects/ sub subjects which can help other users ask better queries.

PS – Please, please, please – do not ask very basic questions akin to “i am in class 12th but want to become an IAS officer, what to do!”

PPS – No questions on what book to study. But yeah you can ask about opinions on books, classes, subjects, optionals etc.

PPS #2 – To the readers who view this blog on the app, you won’t be able to have a look at the comments so please open this blog over mobile or desktop web

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