Attempt All India Smash Open Test for UPSC 2023-2024. No Issues, Give your Best and get up to 100% Scholarship || Registration is open for Limited Entry

Guys, Are you a beginner who has no idea about UPSC, but want to check if you have the aptitude for the same? Do you want to assess your performance and interest in UPSC before targeting 2024 preparation?

We have got the perfect opportunity for you. Presenting, Civilsdaily’s UPSC-CSE 2024, Free-To-Register National Scholarship on 26th march (Sunday) 2023. Both in Online and Offline Mode.

Last year’s scholarship test by Civilsdaily has seen a phenomenal response and pan-India interest in the test. Many toppers have emerged out of the test to be subsequently mentored in the Civilsdaily Foundation Program. So aspirants, ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits of the test.

It can be the best kick-start opportunity to save your Time, Money, and Energy up to 100%.

1. Details of the Civilsdaily All India Smash Open National Scholarship Test

  • Scholarship: 100% on Our Flagship Programs
  • Date: 26th March 2023
  • Mode: Online
  • Registration Fee – Free
  • Language: English
  • Time: 2 Hours
  • Syllabus: GS Paper 1 (Preliminary exam)
  • No. of Questions: 100
  • Time: 10 AM
  • Result: 5/04/2023

UPSC Prelims FREE Mock test:

  1. One open test in both online and offline mode.
  2. Questions will be from the most important topics.
  3. There will be a detailed session on which question was supposed to be left or must attempt etc along with the number of questions that could’ve been attempted and should attempt etc
  4. Also one pdf on the 100 most important topics.

Target 130+ marks in UPSC GS Prelims paper, 100+ in UPSC CSAT prelims with an overall accuracy of 90% to avail this 100% scholarship

Table of Content

‘Realize your worth. Know the difference between what you’re chasing and what you deserve…’

1. What is the All India Smash Open Test for UPSC 2024?

Guys, the UPSC 2024 All India Smash Open Test is a national scholarship test program for UPSC 2024 hopefuls. For a novice who is unfamiliar with UPSC but wants to determine whether he has the aptitude for it, this is the ideal opportunity. The Civilsdaily Flagship Foundation Course will be fully funded for you if you ace the upcoming free UPSC national scholarship exam and pass with flying colors.

Ultimate Assessment Program and Foundation Program includes – 

  • Mentorship (1:1, throughout the preparation till the Interview stage)
  • Masterclasses (complete GS syllabus covered, Only provided in Foundation course)
  • Samachar Manthan (Current affairs Programme)
  • Decimate Prelims (Prelims Crash course)
  • Mains Answer Writing Initiative (On a weekly basis)
  • Smash Mains (upon Qualifying prelims 2024)
  • Essay Guidance Program (To score above 120+ in Essay Mains Paper)
  • Interview Guidance Program (more than 1 mock interview will be conducted with a panel)
  • Civilsdaily IAS Community for Peer-to-Peer Interaction
Get all the Civilsdaily courses under Smash Foundation Course for 100% off after you attend our scholarship test and score above the cut-off marks!

2. What students will get after the mock-Test?

An average aspirant pays for Prelims Course, Mains Program, Interview Guidance, Test Series & Study Materials all separately. The fees then come up to 2-3 Lakhs for one attempt alone.

Identifying this issue, Civilsdaily has designed the Flagship mentorship cum Foundation Course for 2023 aspirants. This course covers the entire 3-stage journey of a UPSC aspirant. From Prelims to Interview –

  • 1:1 Mentorship: Dedicated mentor to each student
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Study Plans
  • Weekly Test Series
  • Classes & Study Materials will be provided.

Another benefit of the program is that it’s an umbrella course wherein an aspirant can access other paid courses of Civilsdaily for FREE.

The main objective of the program is to identify and nurture serious aspirants to become future UPSC toppers. And that’s why we have designed a scholarship test.

Our foundation course will be intensive yet personalized. You will be getting individual coaching on how to conquer the basics, develop analytical skills, inculcate conceptual clarity, and acquire the necessary knowledge to face the unpredictable and dynamic UPSC.

Apart from conducting subject-wise classes that cover all the Prelims-Mains syllabus from scratch, aspirants will follow a customized timetable and will complete their revision on a daily basis to attempt our weekly prelims and mains tests. Once the test is over, they will get a strategy call from a mentor, who will clear their doubts and tell them how to improve their performance from the next test onwards.

Simply put, you will be getting a unique coaching experience that eludes other UPSC aspirants. Even aspects like Essays, Ethics, and CSAT which are ignored in other normal coaching programs, will be covered over here with tests, mentorship, classes, and notes.

3. Why should you take the CD’s Scholarship Test? 

1. Test your preparation on UPSC-CSE grade questions, at the national level.

2. Chance to compete against the best. See where you stand.

3. Identify your subject-wise strengths, weak points, and problem areas before you start preparation.

4. Mentors will provide personalized counseling based on your performance on the scholarship test. 

5. A detailed discussion will help you navigate through the challenges during the preparation.

6. Achieve up to 100% scholarship in our exclusive umbrella foundation course.

As the program is rigorous and involves individual attention, we can take only limited enrollments. Hence, we are conducting a Scholarship Exam to identify serious UPSC aspirants on the 19th of Feb. Depending on your relative score, you can get up to a 100% scholarship.

We are looking for

1. Serious and hardworking aspirants.

2. Ready to dedicate a minimum of 5-8 hours daily.

3. Can complete assigned targets and tests without fail.

4. Only 1 thought in mind and that is – to clear UPSC Civil Services 2024.

5. Willing to take constructive feedback from mentors after each test.

What The Hindu mentioned about Civilsdaily Mentorship

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I have given the previous month conducted all india scholarship test but no confirmation regarding my scholarship is received. ……..

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Nothing is happening on clicking on Register. Can someone please help here?


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