Developing a Topper’s Mindset for UPSC 2024-25- Insights from a Seasoned UPSC Interviewer| Gautam Mohakul, Deputy Controller of Accounts

Practical Insights from Gautam sir, (Guided 2000+ UPSC Rankers) and reorient your UPSC 2024-25 strategy

What makes a UPSC topper? Is it the countless hours of study, the meticulous note-making, luck? or something else entirely?

How is it that some aspirants take multiple attempts—3, 4, even 6—struggling year after year, while very few of them manage to top the UPSC exam in their very first attempt?

The journey to cracking the UPSC exams is a tale of ambition, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s not just an academic marathon but also a test of your mental fortitude, character, emotional intelligence and ability to stay calm under extreme pressure.

With over 13 lakh aspirants applying each year and only a handful making it to the finish line, one can’t help but wonder what sets the toppers apart. Could it be luck, or is there a specific mindset and strategy that ensures success?

Understanding how to excel in one of India’s most challenging exams goes beyond hard work. It demands strategic planning, emotional intelligence, and above all, insights from those who’ve been there, and done that.

This is where experts like Gautam Mohakul sir, Civil Servant with 7 yrs of experience in the administration and a seasoned UPSC interviewer, come into play. With a wealth of experience and an intimate understanding of the UPSC interview process, Gautam Sir has become a guiding light for countless UPSC aspirants. He has invaluable experience in helping candidates develop a winning mindset.

Gautam sir’s wisdom is not just theoretical; nearly 90% of those who appear for UPSC interviews take mock interviews under his guidance.

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Clarity with Ranker Webinar Details

Topic: Strategies to develop mindset, attitude and UPSC prep approach like an IAS Topper

Date: 26th August 2023 (Satday)

Time: 7:00 pm Onwards

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent via your registered email address.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Beginner Aspirants: Those who are just starting their UPSC journey and need strategic guidance. College or working professionals- 1st attempt aspirants
  • Intermediate Aspirants: Candidates who have some experience but wish to move from mediocrity to excellence- 1 to 2 attempt aspirants
  • Advanced Aspirants: Those who are in the last leg of their preparation and looking to fine-tune their strategies.
  • Previous Year Candidates: Aspirants who could not clear the exam in previous attempts and want to understand what they were lacking.
  • UPSC Mentors: For a better understanding of what makes an aspirant, a topper.
  • Aspirants who want to crack a top 50 rank in UPSC 2024-25
  • Anyone who is aiming to break free from the feeling of unfulfillment and aimlessness in their preparation.
  • Aspirants who are not able to decipher the pattern and ‘new ways of UPSC’.
  • Someone who has failed in earlier attempts – aiming to understand and fill critical gaps in your preparation.
  • Candidates looking for practical strategies rather than generic guidance.

What can you expect to learn from the session?

  • Mindset Mechanics: Learn what kind of mindset differentiates an average aspirant from a UPSC topper.
  • Strategic Planning: Gain insights into crafting a highly effective and personalized study plan.
  • Purpose-driven study and prep: Whatever these toppers study is under an outcome-oriented plan.
  • Time Management and Priority setting: Understand how to allocate time efficiently across subjects and maximize productivity.
  • Adaptability: Tips on how to be flexible and adapt your strategy as per your performance and new UPSC trends.
  • Handling Stress: Master the art of stress management to keep your preparation and exam-day performance optimal.
  • Always progressing, never regressing
  • 7 pitfalls that an aspirant must avoid that might kill your UPSC dream
  • Real-Life Examples: Hear anecdotes and case studies of past aspirants who successfully navigated their UPSC journey.

We’ll be sharing a personalized study plan after the webinar

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Based on your UPSC prep situation (working aspirant, full-time aspirant), your learning style, previous attempts, and other such factors, we will be preparing and sharing a personalized PDF study plan for you.

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