Achche Din Monitor

Found this initiative by swarajya mag where they profile each ministry across their initiatives to see if policies have been implemented and at what rate – nice way to find out achche din/ bure din.

For aspirants – it coul dhelp us get in touch with the ministry imperatives –

Factual Report on JNU incident submitted by New Delhi's DM

If you have time to spare, read this report. Quite dispassionate.

Lifted the link from a web blog (his wife’s), here –

West bengal tea industry is in a mess BUT golgappas are doing absolutely fine

Okay, that was a catchy title but I was reading something about the mess in tea industry and its been going on for the last one year right.

This happened in last year –

And now the center takes up 7 private tea gardens to be managed by TEA BOARD.

Great article on epw from caravan.

Can government solve the problem of alcoholism?

This is wrt the liquor ban. Found a good article which goes into the behavioral dynamics –

Why Prohibition will not solve Kerala’s Alcoholism problem

“My name is Raghuram Rajan and I do what I do.”

The governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) isn’t one who minces his words. From speeches to press conferences, Rajan says it like it is—never mind the bluntness—and then backs it up with masterful execution. Not for nothing has The Financial Times Group’s The Banker magazine crowned Rajan the central banker of the year 2015.

Rajan’s latest letter to folks at RBI is even more amazing.

But I wonder, whats the economic advisor doing… Pangharia was also brought in for major reforms/ structural changes right? No news on him?