Balanced Opinion & Civils Daily’s PYQ Solutions – true gamechangers || AIR 16 Arth Jain || UNHERD: Civilsdaily’s Topper series || Link inside

Talk to Arth’s UPSC Mentors:-

Civils Daily is comprehensive online learning platform. Arth has been associated with Civils Daily ecosystem at various levels. He has utilised the high quality open content available on CivilsDaily website.
Furthermore, he joined the Interview course where he could utilise the programme to get AIR 16 besides his hard work.

Arth has mastered the balanced opinion and excellent time management. CD’s PYQs solution made his preparation journey easy and effective.

This Unherd video has rich insights about the exam preparation which you can’t afford to miss.

Heartiest congratulations to Arth Jain
AIR 16
UPSC Civil Services 2020

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