UPSC Interviews 2020: Schedule your Mock + DAF questionnaire | Important topics inside

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In wake of the prevailing corona situation in the country, UPSC has decided to postpone the CSE interviews for 2020. The new schedule is yet to come and at least 15 days prior notice will be given before UPSC announces new dates for the deferred interviews.

However, we will be continuing with the mock interviews.

Upcoming Mock interview and session

This week’s mock interview dates have been fixed.

  • Mock interview this week- 1st-2nd May (Book your slot)   
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.  
  • Mode: Online 

Interview slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Panelists for Mock Interviews: 

  1. Shri Shankar Aggarwal, IAS (retd.)
  2. Dr. Noor Mohammad, IAS (retd.)
  3. Dr. P.K. Agrawal, IAS (Retd.)
  4. Shri T. N. Thakur, IAAS (retd.)
  5. Shri V. P. Singh, IRPS
  6. Mrs.Aditi Gupta, Corporate Leadership Specialist
  7. Prof. U.M. Amin, Jamia Milia University
  8. Mr. Himanshu Arora, Economist, JNU, PMEAC 
  9. Mr. Kunal Aggarwal, IRS
  10. Mr. Debraj Das, IPS

Tentative: Shri Harsh V. Pant (Observer Research Foundation), Shri SN Tripathi, IAS (Director IIPA), Shri Yogesh Narain (Retd. Defence Secretary), Shri Dipankar Gupta (Indian Sociologist), and others.   

DAF questionnaire

Detailed Application Form (DAF) is one of the most important documents that you might have filled for UPSC interviews. A major part of the interview will revolve around the information and details provided in the DAF. It is more than your CV.

Your ability to defend your DAF before the panel is going to decide your success. Anticipating and preparing for the questions based on your DAF is an essential part of the interview preparation.

As a part of Transcend: Interview Guidance Program for UPSC interviews we provide you a personalized and elaborate DAF-based questionnaire.

Fill the form below for DAF questionnaire.

Important interview topics

  • Report of 15th Finance Commission
    • Do you agree with the new criteria defined under Terms of Reference by FC?
    • What are the major challenges being faced by several states?
  • Monetisation of deficit
    • What do you understand by Monetisation of Deficit?
    • Is it a Feasible solution for an economy like India?
  • Better Relations: Onus on Pakistan
    • What responsibility does India have on this?
    • Does the Onus lie on India’s side also to extend the hands of friendship? 
  • Delhi: LG’s role redefined
    • What is the major area of tussles?
    • Do you think such steps might lead to erosion of federation and a spot on elected parties having full-fledged legislature? 
  • Reservation: reviewing 50% cap
    • Is this still needed?
    • What can be the other alternatives?
  • Regulating Social Media Influencers
    • Why such regulation needed, despite Media being considered as the 4th Pillar of democracy?
    • Spread of Fake News is because of Unaware citizenry? What’s your view on this?
    • What are the other causes?
  • Need for Agricultural reforms
    • Is the Farmer Protest right?
    • What is the cause for such unrest? 
    • Why is there such a trust deficit?
  • Nota and option of Re-Election
    • Is the option of NOTA effective in Indian Democracy?
    • What can be done then to reduce the money and muscle power? 
  • Climate Change and India
    • Why such urgency now? Immediate reasons?
    • What is India’s position in terms of mitigating CC impact? 
    • Why the burden on developing countries? 


  • Time to implement Uniform Civil Code
    • Do you think UCC is now the need of the hour?
    • Any challenges in its implementation? Why?
    • What is the Constitutional mandate on this?
  • India-UK bilateral ties
    • Does Brexit change the equations between India and EU?
    • What major impact can India have after the whole Brexit scenario?
  • France: Liberty and fight against terror
    • Debate on secularism and its type?
    • Is India a perfect example for positive secularism? 
  • Atma Nirbhar Bharat 3.0
    • Is this Atmanirbharta possible in India?
    • Then why 1991 LPG reforms were brought at the first instance?
    • Where are we lacking exactly?
  • Education Sector reforms
    • Will NEP fill all the existing gaps in the Education sector?
    • Is RTE successful in India?
    • Providing education in Mother Tongue- do you find some relevance in it? 
    • Then why so much focus on english medium?
  • Empowering women
    • What is the most im[ortant factor for making women really empowered?
    • Will it improve the status of the female population in the country? 
    • What are the main hindrances in empowering this section of society?
  • Monetise and Modernise Mantra for PSUs
    • Privatisation or not? Why?
    • Why not improve the existing structure rather than going for privatisation?
  • Strengthening our start-up ecosystem
    • Is India ready for a startup ecosystem?
    • Then why do they get merged with MNCs after a few years and why not they themselves striving to become a MNC?
  • Raising marriageable age for women
    • Why such notions in India?
    • Will it improve the position of women in families?
    • Do you agree with marrying a woman older than you?
  • Emerging Technologies- Global Challenges
    • Why is it creating so much of fuss?
  • India’s Humanitarian Diplomacy
    • Why so much focus on soft diplomacy?
    • Has it provided any advantage to India in International arena?
  • Quad Summit: India’s gain
    • What gains will it bring?
    • Can it be seen as a counter attack on China?
  • India’s engagement with Africa
    • What are the stakes for India in Africa?
    • How can India take a stronghold against China there?
  • Biden Presidency and India-US ties
    • How will it be different from Trump’s Presidency?
    • Any relief for India?
    • What can be the major challenges? 
  • Afghan Peace Talks and India
    • India’s stand on Taliban?
    • Should India change its stand?
  • Relations with Nepal in Covid Era
    • We can choose our friends but not our neighbours- its relevance in nepal’s context?
  • India’s leadership in Post-Covid world
    • What are the major areas where India should focus first?
    • Can we be able to beat China on any front ?
  • India’s Vaccine Diplomacy
    • What is the idea behind this?
    • Is it not Fiscal Imprudence?
  • Challenges for India as a global power
    • Major areas of conflicts?
    • How can  India emerge to be a winner on these fronts ?
  • India and G7 summit
    • Do you think the invitation has some relevance for India?
  • RCEP: Challenges and way forward
    • What could have been the scenario if India would have joined it?
    • Is it a mature step from India’s perspective?
  • Cyber security and India’s preparedness 
    • Is India prepared on this front?
    • What are the ethical challenges involved?
    • Need for Responsible technology? How?
  • LAC pullback: nothing conceded
    • Where does India stand now after this whole stand-off scenario?
    • Will it bring some respite in the near future?
    • Why do the issues remain unresolved?
    • Can it be considered as a historical mistake?
  • Contempt of Court
    • Difference between Civil and Criminal Contempt.
    • Should it be removed?

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