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Now that UPSC CSE prelims results are out, you would have started answer writing practice for mains. Keep in mind that answering for mains is not like answering your university papers. Over here, examiners expect pointers, examples, flowcharts, mind maps, diagrams than long paragraphs. Given the time and word limit, it’s better not to beat around the bush while answering.

Open to All, Free Webinar on 20 Best Practices of Answer Writing

Sajal sir will share his experiences of scoring 120+ in all the UPSC 2017 GS papers through a webinar. This webinar about the new age formula to ace UPSC Mains is absolutely free for all to attend.

For a better understanding on the format of the webinar, here’s Sajal sir’s explanation on how to approach a sample question.

It is commented that Electoral bonds instead of cleansing India’s electoral system distort India’s democracy. Do you agree? Critically analyse.

Sajal Sir Suggests: Understand the key demand of the question. Don’t get swayed by only seeing the theme of the question. Question is not about electoral bonds only. Many aspirants write everything they know about electoral bonds. You need to first mention how it will cleanse India’s electoral system. After that, link it with democracy. How it violates key features of democracy like transparency, accountability and level playing field. Writing only Pros and Cons will not fetch you marks. 

Why you should Attend Sajal Sir’s Webinar?

Do you know that toppers use certain techniques of answer-writing to score higher marks? Are you aware of the PESTLE approach or the 7-5-3 technique of answer writing? If not, then its time you attended this webinar

Sajal sir in the past 7 years has mentored over 400 students who went onto become UPSC toppers. Apart from this, his course SMASH Mains 2020 had a turnover of 80% interview recommended candidates.

This is how the UPSC Toppers scored in test series before Sajal sir’s intervention —

Karishma-Nair(AIR-14)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Pooja-Gupta(AIR-42)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Pranav-Vijay-(AIR-65)- Answers Before Feedback From CD

Lakshay-Kumar-(AIR -132)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Ponmani-Nehru(AIR-148)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

They had tried everything but were not able to score high in the exams. From their approach to answering to the body of answers, they faced problems. They faced problems with things like putting proper headings, how to frame dimensions, introductions, conclusions, etc. They never even got the right feedback which could have helped them!

And this is how they improved after learning the best answer writing practices from him

Karishma-Nair(AIR-14)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Pooja-Gupta (AIR-42)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Pranav-Vijay (AIR -65) – Answers After Feedback From CD

Lakshay-Kumar-(AIR -132)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Ponmani-Nehru(AIR-148)-Answers After Feedback From CD

If you wish to learn and unlearn certain reading and writing habits, attending this webinar is the first step in the right direction.

What will you learn in this webinar?

Fundamental mistakes in answer writing that can be avoided?

How to understand the meaning behind a complex indirect question?

How to use the PESTLE approach to answer certain type of questions?

How to extract information read into Pros and Cons?

How to finish an answer in seven minutes?

How to think and write an answer simultaneously?

How to write an innovative answer which can get you an extra 1 mark?

Few thumb rules of answer writing with examples.

Towards the end of the session, Sajal sir will hold a Q&A session for all aspirants to share their doubts and get answers from him.

Why UPSC toppers are convinced about Sajal Sir’s Mentorship?

Read other answers over here.

Webinar Details

Anyone who is going to attend UPSC mains now or 2022 UPSC Aspirants, will gain valuable insights from this webinar. Register now for an invite. And, keep the date saved in your calendars!

Date: 7 November 2021

Time: 3 P.M

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