Beyond the Basics: How to Write Above-Average Answers for GS4 Ethics?|| Free Webinar By 140 scorer Sukanya Rana Ma’am || Limited Seats Only, Reserve Your Spot Now

Every aspirant studies the same standard book for Ethics and gets the same time during exam. And yet, only a few score above 110+ while others don’t. Why? 

Answer writing for GS4 Ethics is not an inborn talent, it is a skill you can master with the right approach and guidance.

Join Sukanya Rana Ma’am as she takes you through the advanced nuances of GS4 Ethics and solves a few case studies in the free webinar on 10 November (Wednesday)

Why Should you Attend this Webinar?

Every time and every year almost 90% of the GS4 questions come from topics covered in standard books. This is unlike your GS2 and GS3 papers. Hence, it has the least syllabus out of all the papers. The challenges faced by most aspirants in Ethics is not syllabus coverage.

But writing what is covered in the standard books alone won’t fetch you extra marks. Do you think most of your time is spent understanding the case study than framing an answer for it? Do you want ready-made answers in your mind and write as you go?

Then this free webinar is the for you! Advance your possibility of success by learning from Sukanya Rana Ma’am who scored 140 in 2019 Ethics paper.

What will you Learn in this Webinar?

1. Five years paper analysis of Ethics. What are the trends you shouldn’t miss?

2. Get an extra edge in your answers. How to have an analytical approach in your answers?

3. The 3 common types of questions asked in the exam. What are they?

4. The trickier aspects of the exam. How to answer quote based questions?

5. Time-management techniques for GS4 Ethics. How not to compromise quality in your answers?

Webinar Details

All aspirants are welcome to interact with Sukanya Ma’am and clear their doubts in the Q&A session. This webinar is absolutely free and only requires prior registration.

Date: 10 November (Wednesday)

Time: 3 P.M

About Sukanya Rana Ma’am

Sukanya ma’am has the experience of 4 mains and 2 interviews in UPSC. She has also appeared in the State PCS interview. Before being a mentor at Civilsdaily, she worked as an officer in a public sector bank. Sukanya Rana Ma’am is passionate about guiding future officers in finding success.

As an aspirant, she consistently scored 100+ marks in Ethics paper. Notably, in 2019 her marks were 140 in GS 4. Under her mentorship, many Smash Mains 2020 students were able to secure 110+ marks.

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