Boost your UPSC Prelims 2021 Score by 25 marks by using these 10 Question-Solving Techniques (Full Lecture inside)

Dear aspirants,

Even with a similar syllabus and similar study materials, most candidates fall in one of the following four categories when it comes to their Prelims score:

1) Prelims score 0-40: They need to work on improving their knowledge and learn answering tricks
2) Prelims score 50-70: They have decent knowledge and decent answering tricks.
3) Prelims score 80-100: They have good knowledge but they need to develop answering tricks.
4) Prelims score 120+: They have excellent knowledge and know all the answering tricks.

Sajal Sir is here to help you boost your UPSC Prelims 2021 Score by 25 Marks by using these 10 Smart Techniques

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