Bucks4Bugs: An initiative to reward our sincere test takers

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Dear Students,

Hope you are having a good (moderately tough) time attempting the mocks. We admire the efforts you guys put at maintaining the virtuous cycle of learning and assessments. Nothing comes close to that level of sincerity.

While yours is truly the herculean task of being at the top of your game all the time, there’s a lot that goes under the hood at our end as well. There are many steps involved in topic selection, question creation, selection, review, upload. And then we hold a mock-drill at our end to ensure integrity at all stages.

Despite multiple checks at each level, some questions with minor errors creep in. Regardless, we boast of an error percentage of 0.5%. That’s about 10 times better than the industry standard.

Impressive but not satisfactory. We want to push the boundaries further to ensure our programs are as perfect as they can be.

Recognizing the role of our most sincere students in achieving our aim is very crucial. Hence, we have come up with our own Bucks4Bugs Programme.

Find a bug; Earn a buck.

If you are the first one to comment on a question and your comment is accepted leading to changes, you will win the following amount –

1. Fundamental Error.

Requires the question or the options to be rephrased – Rs. 200

2. Incorrect option selected as correct answer – Rs. 100

3. Explanation Improvement – Rs. 100

Once you clock in Rs. 1000, you will have the option of getting it transferred to your paytm account. Amounts below that have the option of being redeemed against any of our programs.

4. Grammatical ErrorsĀ – Rs. 50

We believe such a system will encourage students to appear for tests on time and be rigorous with revisions. It immensely benefits us as errors and issues are reported in a systematic manner and that too very quickly.

Click here to enroll for the Prelims Prime TS

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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