Seminar for Marathi aspirants by IPS, Amol Murkut | Career guidance session on how to prepare for government competitive exams including MPSC and UPSC | Register now

Marathi Seminar by IPS, Amol Murkut sir | Career guidance session on how to prepare for government competitive exams including MPSC and UPSC | Register & Get Value-added Free notes for MPSC & UPSC

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Guys, Every year millions of candidates start and sit for various Govt. job exams. As vacancies are few and aspirants are many, only a minuscule number of candidates can get through these exams.

Apart from that Government Job vacancies have also dwindled in recent years. So, be it MPSC, UPSC, or any other Govt. job exam every aspirant needs experts’ guidance with some sort of motivation.

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Success is nothing but more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day

Amol Murkut, IPS

The journey to the final job offer is very long, especially in today’s time. Have you ever thought about what you would do if finally you find that you faced only failure? What will be the consequences if you choose any other profession just leaving Govt job preparation? Can you easily succeed soon?

Make hay while the sun shines, the proverb means that we must not let any opportunity slip, but make prompt and full use of it whenever it comes. 

Opportunities do not always come. If we miss one opportunity, we may miss it forever and suffer consequences. Therefore, we must always take full and prompt advantage of any opportunity that may come our way.

Acknowledging the need for the removal difficulties of Freshers/unsuccessful students, Dr. Amol Murkut, IPS officer and Super mentor in Civilsdaily is conducting a need of the hour Career guidance session on how to prepare for government competitive exams including MPSC and UPSC. Registration is absolutely free. 

Details of the Seminar

Date5th December (Monday)

Time: 11 am

Mode: Online/offline (zoom link will be shared with you all)

Speakers: Amol Murkut, IPS

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  • Offline – CivilsDaily IAS, Pune center
    • (Address: Civilsdaily IAS, First floor, 518, Ramprasad, opposite Radhika Bhel, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030)
  • Online- Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Post-seminar CivilsDaily will share a special Preparatory Package both for UPSC & MPSC candidates.

You are also entitled to a personalized intensive mentorship session by a senior IAS mentor wherein you can avail of a personalized study plan, schedule, and doubt resolution session.

This is for you if you are:

  1. A UPSC/MPSC beginner – confused about the syllabus, prioritizing subjects, making timetables & targets, or just getting started.
  2. A working professional or college student who will be attempting UPSC 2023 with a job. Facing a serious time crunch and mismanagement in UPSC preparation.
  3. A veteran or aspirant trying to improve your rank in UPSC 2023 attempt.

Strategic planning will help you fully uncover your options, set priorities for them, and define the methods to achieve them.

Key takeaways of the Seminar

This is going to be an interactive 1-1 session with Senior mentors and an IPS officer. You will get ample time and opportunity to discuss this with Amol sir. These points will be discussed.

1. What is the basic but mostly required strategy to crack any Government job is your first attempt? How to make a plan for the day. Day-to-day time management.

2. Dealing with negative emotions such as despair and stress. How did Soham study when he was feeling down?

3. His sources for current events, and strategy 

4. Should an aspirant participate in a study group and prepare? Soham responds.

6. What practices did Soham altogether avoid what was popular among other aspirants?

7. What shall be the macro plan for the next coming months

8. Revision Cycle strategy

9. Different approach of Prelims and mains and Integrated Preparation of both for MPSC and UPSC – 2023, 24.

10. Answer Writing Strategy 

11. Importance of hobby

12. Essay approach: what things work.

13. How toppers prioritize momentum mover content and content over structure. ‘How to fix your static answer writing structure, improved with the current affairs?

14. Whether your answers ought to reflect the editorial standards of The Hindu! What should be the foolproof strategy of note-making from current affairs? What points ought to be included in your notes?

15. How to create a basic conceptual framework of the current affairs answer before committing anything to paper. Implications of overstretching your imagination.

16. What is the difference between ‘Opinion-based current affairs’ & ‘Current issues with Fact-based’ questions will also be discussed thoroughly in this webinar.

17. How to enhance writing patterns, where to take mock regularly, and how many mock tests are optimal?

Civilsdaily Mentorship is acknowledged by The Hindu

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