CD Explains compilation for the year 2015-16 released


Last month, at the request of a CD Flagship Student, we sought to compile the CD explains that we have been writing on our website (the important ones!) into one single pdf.

The resultant pdf is now being released for everyone: 

Here is the table of contents:

Enjoy the rich compilation of important issues with nice, catchy graphics to help you retain the interest (& information). If you like reading from the web, you might want to skip this purchase but if you want to avoid searching for these articles, then at just Rs. 197 you get to have a handy pdf of the articles mentioned in the images.

Note for the Flagship and Advance students, by now you have the following documents put in your “Documents” tab of the exam portal – 

  1. CivilsDigest – Monthly magazine from June till date (this month’s issue is pending. We got our designer to work on the CD Explains compilation instead)
  2. Economic Survey by Dr. V (AIR 20, CSE 2015)
  3. CD Explains compilation (New Release)
  4. Time Table of your respective TS
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