How writing one answer a day would help in your UPSC Journey? Join CD War Zone Telegram group (link inside) Daily answer writing war with senior IAS Mentors| Prepare your war notes

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UPSC exam is all about, answer writing, everyone suggests you write answers on a daily basis, but managing exam Preparation and writing 4-5 answers every day is a herculean task. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, Answer writing is important, and just because you are not able to write  4-5 answers on a daily basis, ignoring answer writing is a horrible idea. 

Why an answer every day? 

1) One answer per day is manageable, whether a beginner or a veteran, a sincere IAS Aspirant is easily able to write one answer per day, in addition to his studies. 

2) Writing one answer every day will help you improve your answer writing speed, if you are able to write one answer every day in under 7.5 minutes, you will be in a much better position to attempt full lengths mocks. 

3) Discipline and routine are much needed for this exam, daily answer writing at a fixed time will give you a routine, and gradually you will develop a habit. 

How daily answer wars will help you: 

1) Once you are into this initiative, you are in a telegram group where many others like you have attempted the same question at the same time, it helps you to check your accuracy and do a peer review. 

2) When collective man hours go into one answer, we get at least 20 new dimensions for that answer, since each aspirant is unique, and each perspective is unique. 

3) Our Senior IAS Mentors go through your answers every day and provide you with their expertise on each and every answer.  

How does it work?

Every day there will be a YouTube live at 11 am, ideally, you are expected to submit your answers during the live session, but we extend the time till 2 PM, you can post your answers in the telegram group. In the evening there would be another YouTube live where our Mentor comes and provide you with feedback.

Link to the telegram group:

More than 150 Answers on the first day!

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