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Question of the day: What do you mean by the Minimum Support Price (MSP)? Critically analyse the efficacy of MSP in achieving its objectives? (15 Marks- 250 words)

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We call this daily answer writing as Daily Answer Wars. Apart from this we also do Daily Check-ins making your daily Timetable and in Night owl discussions, we discuss important terms in news. 

The essence of CD War Zone

With Daily Answer Wars and Night Owl Discussions our aim is to ensure that you write and discuss themes/topics/terms that have a very high probability of appearing in the exam. 

Writing is a whole different ball game. When you sit down to write, it’s an entirely different process. It’s about streamlining your thinking, and your ideas. You might be thorough with a concept but you might fail to pen it down. That’s worse than not having ideas at all. Moreover, when we all sit together and write an answer, we get access to various unexplored dimensions. By doing a Peer Review, you can add those dimensions to your War Notes. These War Notes will come handy when you would be revising your Mains notes. 

When you discuss, you will almost always discover new concepts in the process. There is no substitute for this kind of discovery. Talking with others is a good way to develop a deeper understanding and ensure you retain better. Retention is everything. When you share with your fellow Aspirants regarding Academic and Non-Academic issues of the UPSC Exam, you get the best solutions to those problems. 

So many aspirants just keep looking for content and hoard all kinds of PDFs. At Civilsdaily we don’t believe such PDFs are helpful at all. You need to be on a path of discovery and be actively involved. If you are a serious aspirant, you can’t afford to just consume information. That is why our emphasis is on the Notes(read War Notes) that you yourself prepare in this process. We Believe every Answer has the potential to become a Model Answer, rather than giving you a Model Answer, we help you make your Answers a Model answer

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Here is how we start the day 

Daily Check-in 

Daily Answer Wars 

Daily Answer Wars Result 

Night owl discussions

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