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Preparing for UPSC prelims is like throwing pebbles into a pitcher partially filled with water. (Remember the story of the crow in Panchatantra?) Instant gratification and even a little lack of patience will get you nowhere. But, if you keep dropping those pebbles, you’ll see the water level rising!

Before everything, knowing and accepting the things that you have been doing in the wrong manner, is the first step towards making the change for eventual success.

If a pill couldn’t cure your disease, what would you do? Would you change your medicine? Or wait for the worst suffering? 

Change is the key to success in UPSC CSE
This was Mourya’s fifth attempt in which he secured an AIR 28

Even UPSC toppers have failed in the past but it was their ability to evolve and re-orient their strategy as per UPSC’s expectations that helped them succeed. Similarly, at that point, you should change your strategy. But, here you have to be extremely cautious. Because success will come only if your new strategy is better than the old one.

Ascertaining the need to ensure removing difficulties, the students face, we are conducting an on-demand Webinar by Vikash sir on How to change your UPSC Preparation strategy after a failed attempt?

Webinar Details: 11th September (Sunday), 7 PM

Topics to be discussed in the Webinar:

  1. Previous year UPSC CSE trend analysis. How UPSC is changing?
  2. Understanding the changing expectations of UPSC and adapting to it.
  3. Strategy for UPSC Prelims 2023
  4. What are the high potential areas in the UPSC syllabus that you should focus on?
  5. Learning from the mistakes and ‘Unlearning the common bad habits’ learned during previous attempts.
  6. Building the fundamentals for Prelims and Mains – NCERTs, and conceptual understanding.
  7. How to make and update notes from Prelims and Mains perspective?

The heat of fire turns gold ores into pure gold, and it is your time to shine.

About Vikash sir

Vikash Kumar sir is a senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily. He has attempted 6 UPSC Mains and appeared in 3 UPSC interviews. He has cleared CAPF and UPPSC 2020 final exam. He has a rich experience in UPSC preparation and has been mentoring students for 4 years now. 50 of his students are writing UPSC Mains 2022.

From one of Vikash sir’s students

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