Have you checked in your new profiles yet?


Hope you all saw and experienced the changes on the Civilsdaily website!

To get you upto speed:

1. We are bringing in the user experience to the forefront of our portal – The Newly Launched Target Mains Module will be bang in front of you as you open civilsdaily.com
[Regardless of your preparation levels, do jump in and start attempting the questions. Read this conversation to see how Amit was motivated by Simran and Pranav]

2. You can now upload your scanned/ clicked answer attempts over here. Just make sure that your writing is legible enough for otehrs to review.

3. The left side bar on the website will list all broad initiatives – Newscards, Stories, Blogs, Prelims etc and they can be accessed whenever you need to go deep in content.

But the blockbuster announcement is – Social Profiles!

For the last one year or so, the CD community has not only gained a great deal from stalwarts like Dr. V, UW but also from many sincere aspirants who continue to peddle the knowledge base one comment at a time.

We thought it’s time that we empower the users with more info about their fellow aspirants.

-Click on the top right corner and you see a drop down to edit your profile.

-Fill in the details which helps other users to identify your stage of preparation/ stage of growth and eventually form like minded groups and peer review sets as you participate in daily answer challenges.

-We have tried to keep the list as exhaustive as we can and you can change the privacy setting for each field to keep certain information secure with yourself


Go ahead and edit your profiles. Add the information you want to add and chose your privacy settings accordingly (we totally respect your concerns for that).

Your updated profiles would help us understand the community better and make us come out with better products and services 🙂

See you all in full glory!

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