Civilsdaily Prelims TS for IAS 2018

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The importance of being earnest & what really matters

Strong communities have a strong philanthropic component. Sincere philanthropy begets earnest students. And in the long run, that is all that matters.

At Civilsdaily, we are blessed to have a great community base where students from all walks of life and stages of preparation collaborate together with meaningful discussions.

There is so much FREE Content. Cheap internet. Cheap mobile phones. Yet we come out dazed and confused.

What then is the single most thing that matters?

Practical Content + Strong Community + 1 on 1 Mentoring

In short, it means great content infused with practical insights, making progress possible for everyone.

Civilsdaily’s TS for 2018 is imbued with our learnings from 2017 and feedbacks from our students. 1 on 1 Mentoring will get a much more dedicated space within our TS ecosystem and we will go all the way for our students. Our mentors will connect with you over phone/email and provide you necessary inputs regarding fine tuning your preparation in order to clear Prelims easily.

Apart from Mentoring you on your weak points, we will focus on Tikdams (devised by AIR 15 Vipin Garg (IAS) while his preparation and refined by CD mentors for everyone in CD community) which will help you get an extra 10-15 marks and an edge over other aspirants. (You can get free copy of Tikdams by Dr. V here– click2get)


  • If you have any specific query, put it down in the comments or email us at
  • CD’s TS students of 2017 will get a 10% discount on the Flagship/ Advanced 2018 module (whenever they join using the same email id used for 2017 TS)
  • Prelims 2017 TS subscribers who were not able to attempt any test of their subscribed test series due to some constraints can contact us at with all their details. We will provide you 25% discount on 2018 TS subscription.