[Biggest Announcement of the Year] Civilsdaily’s Smash Mains Program 2024


Taught by Animesh Pradhan, AIR 2

Read our brochure to understand the nuances of Mains Preparation

This year’s Smash Mains Program has AIR-2 Animesh Pradhan as Super Mentor. The same program that helped him get 473 marks in GS Mains. 

As a Super Mentor, he will hold lectures and copy discussion sessions. Smash Mains Program is not just a Mains Test Series. It includes something very critical. and impactful i.e. Classes to cover various important and recurring themes in Mains exam.

First, let’s understand why we must rethink the Mains preparation and how Smash Mains differs from all other Mains Programs.  

Traditional methods believe that mains prep is just about Answer Writing. In reality, that is just 20% of overall Mains prep

They don’t focus on Notes, Revision, Answer Thinking, Enrichment, Structure etc.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t work, and it worries us that so many Mains aspirants still follow outdated methods and obsolete, ‘far from reality’ programs. 

Conventional wisdom is lazy thinking. It’s looking at old and obsolete ways and believing that’s what will work in the future, too. Continuing to rely on outdated methods is similar to expecting a horse and carriage to compete with a modern car. 

It’s looking at average notes, incomplete revision, and existing approaches to Mains Prep and then believing that’s the best you can do.

The opposite of conventional wisdom is first principles. Rethinking the whole Mains Prep from scratch and building from there to align with UPSC requirements. Rigorously testing each Mains question and answer in a mock test and giving sharp feedback to continuously improve the score. 

If you still believe in those methodologies, then Smash isn’t for you. But if you have tried old ways and realized their futility, then apply for Smash Mains today.

Before joining any test series, get your copies evaluated by our Mentors

Animesh’s command on answer writing grew month after month with each test. We did a detailed session discussing his evolution. 

He didn’t follow conventional wisdom. He knew precisely what to focus on and what was important, and this is what he brings to the students of Smash Mains this year.

Smash Mains is the entire Mains program re-engineered. 

OthersSmash MainsReferenceOutcome
MentorshipNone. Basic doubt-solving at best.Fault-finding. Ensuring you grow progressivelyLinkBetter understanding of your weak areas. Quick growth
Question framingOutsourced to external folks and submitted for review with internal memberEach question is discussed in our internal group and tweaked based on 
Balance of paperNo codified frameworksProper standardization. LinkEnsure you are tested on the right components
Answer EvaluationMassive subjectivity. No common framework. Marks dependentAggressive training of evaluators. Ruthless 2nd review ensuring no innovation goes unnoticed.   Your score doesn’t depend on the evaluator. 
NotesBasic notesPYQ oriented
Data Banks, Quotes Bank, Intro Conclusion frameworks. Topper Copies. 

How Smash Mains helped make Rankers

Shishir (AIR 16) thanked Civilsdaily’s mentorship and Smash Mains Program

GVS Pavandatta (AIR 22) – Explaining how Smash Mains Program helped him get a rank

Aaditya Pandey (AIR 48) attributes his success story to CD’s Mentorship with Smash Mains

Priya Rani (AIR 69) discussing Sukanya Ma’am’s contribution to her Answer Writing Skills

Vivek Sonawane, IPS, gives credit to Smash Mains for his success

Durga Prasad Adhikary, AIR 162 explains how Value-Addition from Smash Mains helped him get a Rank

Know how Animesh will help in Smash Mains

Not putting Penguins among the Fowls – You already know how to write an average answer (you’re missing it by a few marks actually). You want to know how to increase your score from 90 to 110-115. The approach followed by other institutes in their Test series is the same for a veteran and a complete newbie and here lies the problem. Without personalized one-to-one interaction, it will be difficult for you to rectify these minute yet very important shortcomings.

Evaluation is a strength of this program and we put it on a high priority. Arvind sir himself is involved in the process, unlike other institutes where evaluation is outsourced to those who themselves might not have appeared for mains (It’s bizarre). It shouldn’t be based on ‘model answers’ as there are 3-4 ways of approaching an answer. Only a seasoned player will be able to go beyond these model answers and be able to appreciate your approach (If it’s innovative) even if it differs from the model answers provided.

Test copies get checked in a time-bound manner. The questions, answers, and material provided are of the highest quality.

Always on time and insightful discussions end with a reality check and motivation to perform better in the next test.

Emphasis on execution and utilization of knowledge—Mains is not only about knowledge but also about optimally expressing the relevant knowledge.

Our mentor’s interventions are highly specific and not generalized. Sitting right in front of you, he walks you through each question. He is always there, and he will not let you lose your focus.

Get 1-on-1 Mentorship for Mains

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