Civilsdaily’s TS for the IAS 2017 Aspirants Starts 11th September

Last year, for the IAS Prelims 2016, we had come up with 10 Short Sectional Tests and 4 FLTS to give our users a well rounded last minute preparation.

Since Civilsdaily’s Newscards and articles have always been bullish on current affairs, this years’ current affairs heavy paper was a cakewalk for most of our students.

But that should not be the only reason why you should join us for IAS 2017 Prep. In fact, we shun all the comparisons on the lines of 70% were from our TS and such like. Click here to read why?

What benefitted our students the most were our well defined conceptual questions and our heavy focus on making them solve those questions with smart hack techniques (Tikdams). 

This year, we have set up a dedicated academic team to focus on the nitty gritties of the UPSC Exam Space

  • – You would have seen the heavy initiatives – Target Mains – GS Questions with DNA Model Answers which is already running on the portal every day
  • – The 3 tier test series has been made so that Beginners to IAS Prep get a separate treatment which helps them evolve their test taking skills to the Advanced level guys after the first 6 tests
  • – All 32 tests are 100 mark papers which focus on one particular section only

Our team consists of members who’ve qualified prelims many times with ease and are well-versed with the changing patterns of UPSC. They have also been instrumental in creating test series for top notch institutes and are aware of the deficiencies in them. We have put together a program that is fine and balanced and increases your chances to get through. 

#1. Focus on concepts 

Be assured that our questions will cover ALL core concepts that are an absolute must. Do not neglect your static course at the cost of current affairs preparation. We are going to make sure you stay on top of everything.

#2. Intelligent questions over Difficult ones

Some coaching institutes/ Test Series take immense pride in framing questions that test very advanced and alien concepts which are hard to find in reference book.

Such questions are irrelevant and have a negative impact on a student’s preparation, specially the one’s who are just starting out. A relatively low score makes a student go hunting for difficult questions and ends up wasting time he would’ve spent perfecting his base concepts. 

Here’s an example of such question – 

Consider the following statements : 

1. Ventricular systole of heart increases the ventricular pressure causing the closure of semilunar valves, producing the second heart sound called dub.

2. Ventricular diastole of heart decreases the ventricular pressure causing the closure of the right and left atrio-ventricular valve providing first heart sound called lubb.

which of the statements given above is/are carroect?

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) both 1 and 2

d) neither 1 nor 2.

Good luck wracking your head against a wall if you think such questions are going to pave way for success!

We believe that you should be thorough with the base & reference books + Newspapers and should be able to attempt difficult questions from here.

The Intelligent questions should be such that they make you think of tikdams and smart hacks to solve for. That’s the sure shot way of confidence building. You will come out of our FLTs and write in comments about how you hacked through some of our questions – and feel empowered because the options were framed in a way to help you do that!

#3. Not engaging in vague nitpicking 

Amateur test series have all sorts of questions made from insignificant lines of reference books/ ncerts. Moreover they are framed in such a manner that its difficult to infer what they actually mean if one has not read those exact sentences.

Consider one such vague question –

The juvenile justice care & protection bill 2014 has been passed by both the houses of the parliament, seek to bring the following changes 

1. To lower culpability as an adult from 18 to 16 years

2. To amend the juvenile Justice Care and Protection Act 2000 suitably

3. To implement the recommendations of JS Verma Committee on criminal law reforms. 

Now, many would find stmt 2 to be correct. But the catch here is the JJ C&P Act is not an amendment but a replacement of the JJ C& P Act 2000. And that is what this question maker wanted to test you on.

This is a badly structured question. This comes neither in the ambit of smart testing nor in the ambit of tikdams. We don’t think UPSC sets illogical traps like these and neither do we plan to do so. 

Make sure that every question counts

We are spending a lot of time framing questions so that you understand the requirement and attempt accordingly.

We have separated static tests (basic and advanced) from current affairs tests so you know your weak points individually and can go back and hone them. No point giving ~20 CA questions with 80 Static questions. It is all about FOCUS!

Our explanations would have sufficient amounts of tikdams to help you develop that knack of problem solving which is going to help you prepare for any kind of exam pattern.

In case, you wish to refer to our mocks from last year – feel free to subscribe to the Open Mocks Program on our portal to feel the difference.

Join in today.

Link to the Flagship Course – Click here to Join

If you have any questions, feel free to drop in a line below.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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