Class Apart Series: Molightson from Manipur, 2nd from his tribe is IRS

If there is only one Ranker session you should watch this year, it’s Molightson. These are rare individuals who have seen so much in life so early, they are 20 years more mature than their age!

I start the session with an interesting thought Talent is evenly distributed but ranks are not. By no means, do I want to imply that the selection process is biased. All I want to say is certain sections are more disadvantaged and it’s reflected in the numbers.

Molightson hails from Manipur. Everyone following the news understands what Manipur has been going through for the last 1-1.5 years. He is the 2nd officer from his tribe, Maring.

He starts by saying something wonderful. He not only wants people from his tribe to explore the city life, but folks from the cities to experience village life!

Talks about how UPSC is not a 1 person effort. His tribe fasted for him, and extended all possible support for him. imho, in the end, all that matters is this. Not wealth, money, or power.

In school, he was good at his studies. But this doesn’t make him unique. Many folks around him are super smart and did well in school. It is only after school that they fail to navigate through life. By some random act of chance, Molightson ends up in the Hospitality Food and Beverage sector! Post his degree, he works with Raddison Blue.

Anyone who has worked in the Hotel Industry understands that it is brutal. This experience is way beyond Molightson’s comfort zone. He talks about how 1 incident broke him, made him call his Father. He wanted to quit but he not only survives but thrives. He learns how to handle pressure which becomes the basis for his cracking the exam later in life.

This, IMHO, is the 1st instance that demonstrates the winning mindset.

Moving on, he is interested in cracking govt. exams and starts preparing. He doesn’t have UPSC in mind. Cracks a govt. department exam. Attached with an IAS officer. Brings water to his village. Improves sanitation, and way of life.

This is the 2nd instance that demonstrates the winning mindset.

It’s in 2020 that he cracks the 1st prelims. And that gives him the confidence that USPC can be done. He moves from strength to strength. It’s the small wins that stack together.

This is the 3rd instance where he demonstrates the winning mindset.

Now, the mind games begin.

I ask him, what do you say to those whose only reason to not crack the exam is that they have never seen anyone in their position clear the exam. His theory is simple-

It didn’t matter to him how others around him were doing. He wanted to know how far he could go. “It can be liberating if you dont have any examples.”

This is the 4th instance of the winning mindset.

Facing interviews was his biggest challenge given his background. He is grilled by Aradhna Maam. And he is unfaced. And she admires him for that. Saket Sir here predicts 190 for him. If he gets lucky with the board then 200+. He gets 187.

His biggest weakness becomes his biggest strength.

This is the 5th instance of the winning mindset.

His advice – it’s not the exam. it’s your ability to handle pressure. You understand this and the game is yours.

For him, the role of mentors in this journey is undeniable, and repeats it often. What an absolute privilege to have witnessed his journey.

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