COMPLETE UPSC 2025 Preparation in FIRST ATTEMPT using Original Content, Rigourous Mentorship & Outcome-Driven Programs

Between 2021-23, we connected with over 15,000+ IAS aspirants via our Samanvaya (1 on 1 mentoring) outreach program.

With an average call time of ~40 minutes, we spent ~3.84 lakh minutes (~6,400 hours) understanding you and your preparation strategies.

The major issue that most aspirants faced was with the right strategy, practical timetable, time management issues, and the lack of a Guide, who could help you sail through the mountainous task of being a part of the coveted list of Rankers.

But the “market” is flooded with all types of free content, there is a plethora of content for each subject and topic, endless test series, and infinite sources. Still, why is it that an aspirant keeps waiting for his first Prelims – till the time he focuses only on Prelims, clears it in 4th attempt only to realize that the Mains prep wasn’t enough – flunks it, and again enters the cycle? He has to live with the solace of having given at least 1 Mains.

Here’s the truth – As a UPSC aspirant, you live in a world populated with infinite sources churning out countless content themes endlessly, adding only short-term value to your preparation, if at all. Giving you false hope that your preparation is moving forward. All this is in the name of FREE preparation content. We chose not to play that game.

Instead, we focus only on highly specific PYQ based themes every week. We believe in content and programs that are original, taking immense research to meet the UPSC level trained by faculties and led by Mentors. This is exactly what is required to clear this Exam.

Our motto is clear – we believe Mentorship is a specialization – the personalization that you need to be on the right track.

Each individual is different, as can be seen from the toppers this year. While Benjo (AIR 59, rigorous follower of Civilsdaily Current Affairs) was a trained “Answer Thinker”, Animesh (AIR 2, our UAP Mentorship Student) found content in seeing his test scores – the desire which pushed him to write 50+ Samachar Manthan Tests as a part of UAP.

We need to identify what’s different about you – and then carve you a path. This is why Mentorship is essential. Once you have a clearly laid out path, you need defined checkposts where your progress can be tracked. A near-perfect certain strategy is what you need to clear this exam in the first attempt. Animesh could do it being a working professional (first attempt), you can do it too.

Connect with us 1:1 and identify what’s different in you.

Fill up this Mentorship Form (Free for the next 24 hours) to connect with our mentors.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch