Constitution of Japan: Features, Comparison with Indian + other constitutions

Japan has a Parliamentary system of Government.

It has a constitutional Monarchy. King is more like a ‘Rubber stamp’ authority while PM is head of the Cabinet.

Election of the PM

PM is elected by both the Houses of Japanese Parliament (called Diet)

  1. The two houses of the Diet are:
  • House of Representatives; and
  • House of Councillors

It is not enough for a person to be a leader of the majority party.

He has to be elected by both the houses of the Parliament. If no agreement is reached upon between the two houses on a candidate, then the matter is taken care of by a Joint Committee of both the houses.

The Committee gets 10 days to arrive at a decision. After 10 days, if an agreement cannot be reached, then the will of the lower house prevails.

A significant feature of Japanese Constitution is contained in Article 9.

Herein, Japan formally renounces the policy of war for the settlement of international disputes. However, it can keep forces for self-defence.

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Revisiting the Basics

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