(Get recorded video) How to cover 3 core subjects- Polity, Economics, and Environment for UPSC Prelims 2023 and score 120+ marks? Webinar by AIR 377, IRPS, Prabhat sir

Three core subjects Polity, Economics, and Environment carry a weight of almost 50% in the UPSC Prelims exam, both in terms of syllabus and the questions that are asked in the paper.

For a score of 120+ in Prelims, 2023 aspirants must target and focus on mastering the concepts and current affairs related to these subjects on a priority basis.

UPSC topper Prabhat sir will be taking up a webinar masterclass to help you cover and strategize these three core areas.

IRPS, Prabhat Singh will be taking up a masterclass
Webinar masterclass on 6th Jan 2023, Friday

Webinar Masterclass Details:

  • Date: 6th Jan 2023 at 7 pm
  • Mode: Online, Zoom link will be emailed to you
  • Post-webinar Civilsdaily strategy pack will be shared with you on email
  • Recording of the webinar can be requested by filling up the same registration form

Strategies & Approaches, in This Free Live Webinar by Prabhat Sir!

  1. Strategy to cover 3 core subjects Polity, Economics, and Environment syllabus along with timetable and timelines. Balancing current affairs and static for these two will be discussed.
  2. Best, minimum NCERT materials and standard books for 3 core subjects in UPSC-CSE Preparation.
  3. Covering and connecting current affairs for the last 1.5 years with these core subjects.
  4. Important topics and concepts for Polity and Environment – core of the core subjects
  5. The subject of the Indian Economy covers India’s current and past economic aspects, which makes it an important topic. Knowing its fundamentals is crucial for UPSC exams. So, What is to be learned by heart & which NCERTs and standard books are fit for the economy will be comprehensively discussed.
  1.  The untold secret of ‘how & from where UPSC asks direct questions from NCERTs. How to build command over NCERTs is going to be another crucial point of this awesome session.
Webinar masterclass on 6th Jan 2023, Friday

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Webinar masterclass on 6th Jan 2023, Friday
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