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Smash Prelims 2023 under Santosh Gupta sir’s mentorship can increase your chances to clear Prelims by 85%

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There is no doubt that UPSC Prelims could be the toughest stage. It is the great filter that weeds out the not so serious candidates but at times many serious ones too.

While there could be many reasons for failing in Prelims like insufficient syllabus coverage, mocks or test series not attempted, no proper planning, lack of conceptual understanding, etc but the major one is lack of guidance, preparation analysis and course correction at regular intervals.

Tavishi failed thrice in the Prelims before but after joining Santosh sir’s mentorship cleared Prelim 2022 in her 4th attempt. Schedule a call with Tavishi’s mentor

Moreover, aspirants must be prepared for the googlies thrown at them by UPSC in the Prelims (new things being tried out by UPSC- like options, topics, etc).

To bridge this gap we had introduced Smash Prelims program under Santosh Gupta sir last year and the results were amazing.

You are 8 times more likely to clear Prelims 2023 with Santosh sir’s mentorship


Our Smash Prelims Program started as a pilot project last year with an aim to introduce step-wise improvement in our chosen 40 aspirants. Over a period of 2 months, Santhosh sir inculcated confidence in aspirants who were either newbies or gave too many attempts. This year, we achieved a remarkable 80% success ratio. This year, we have set our eyes on 100%. Yes, we are as ambitious and aspirational just like any other UPSC aspirant.

About 6 pillared approach of Smash Prelims 2023

Pillar-1: 44 Prelims test

Prelims Tests: 44 (14 Basic + 8 Advanced + 6 CA tests + 10 Full tests + 6 CSAT tests)

Pillar-2: Special Value Additions Notes and Classes by Santosh Gupta

50 Special classes on topics including Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Sessions to cover Environment innovatively, Science & Technology and more.

Pillar-3: Mentorship calls

One-to-one mentorship by core faculty and toppers

  • One to one Mentor calls after tests
  • Habitat/WhatsApp support from mentors
  • Frequent sessions with toppers for support and guidance.
You are 8 times more likely to clear Prelims 2023 with Santosh sir’s mentorship

Pillar-4: Weekly zoom session by Santosh Gupta 

Doubt clearance and continuous improvement

Pillar-5: Learn Question-solving 

  • Strategic Live 1000 Questions solving with Santosh Gupta sir for Prelims-2023
  • Learn Art of Question-solving: Using Logical approach + Elimination techniques
  • Live Question solving of Previous year’s questions

Pillar-6: Current Affairs

Specifically made Current affairs notes + Live classes by core faculty for the entire two years for prelims.

You are 8 times more likely to clear Prelims 2023 with Santosh sir’s mentorship under Smash Prelims program

About Santosh Gupta sir

Santosh Gupta sir has scored above 140 twice in UPSC prelims and always 120 plus in all 6 attempts. He wrote all 6 mains and appeared for Interviews 3 times. He has qualified UPSC EPFO and BPSC 56-59th also. He has been teaching and mentoring UPSC aspirants for the last 5 years.

What CivilsDaily’s Smash Prelims students have to say?

Success Stories of Smash Prelims 2022

From failing twice-thrice to clearing Prelims 2022
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