(WATCH Live.) How to ensure 100+ in CSAT for UPSC Prelims 2023? | Making CSAT a cakewalk, even for non-engineering/science background aspirants| By Zeeshan sir

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Reserve 30th November, Wednesday for an important MASTERCLASS on How to ensure 100+ in CSAT for UPSC Prelims 2023 by Zeeshan Hashmi Sir

Despite being qualifying in nature, CSAT is getting more and more critical in surpassing the first hurdle of the UPSC-CSE exam. The Prelims is the first phase of the CSE exam but not necessarily the simplest.

Even a top-notch GS preparation might not be enough to sail you through prelims if you are not clearing CSAT.

Gone are the days when only humanities or non-science and non-engineering background students used to worry about CSAT. Now many IITian aspirants and even Areeba, AIR 109 in UPSC 2021, was not able to clear CSAT despite her engineering background and amazing performance academically all through.

Having said that let me make a claim: It is easy to score 100+ if certain rules are followed and practiced diligently. It is not about engineering or technical background or ability to do maths but rather smartly tackling selected questions and preparing accordingly.

My CSAT students from 2021 batch

Points to remember, the CSAT is a major stabilizing factor, at least for someone with a basic knowledge of 10th-standard maths and general aptitude.

Acknowledging the need to ensure the removal of difficulties, the students face in clearing CSAT paper, I will be conducting an on-demand MASTERCLASS on How to ensure 100+ in CSAT for UPSC Prelims 2023?


Topic: How to ensure 100+ in CSAT for UPSC Prelims 2023.

Date and Time: 30th November, 7 pm (Wednesday)

Link: Zoom link will be shared on email post registration

Important Takeaways:

  1. Trend analysis of the last 4 years of CSAT paper. How UPSC CSAT has been evolving, changing pattern and difficulty level?
  2. How to deal with maths and logical reasoning questions irrespective of your academic background?
  3. How to select topics and sections which are high scoring and having high return of investment wrt time spend during preparation?
  4. List of super easy topics for CSAT that you must not ignore.
  5. From where and how to start reading and practicing comprehension. How many comprehensions you should try to solve in the paper?
  6. How to approach CSAT paper for best time management and high score?
  7. How to use smart elimination techniques in CSAT paper? Most important part of this webinar masterclass.

What my students have to say about my CSAT and Prelims sessions?

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