Prelims Is Here, Time To Polish Your Current Affairs! Absolutely FREE CA Sessions With Anjum Sir On ‘Chat Pe News’ 4:30 pm on Habitat

Complete Coverage, Daily Practice, Revision, And Most Expected Questions

Dear aspirants,

Prelims is just around the corner and it is time for you to step up your Current Affairs game! Attend absolutely free sessions by Anjum sir and stay on top of all the current events. Do not miss single news and destroy Prelims like a pro!

What will you get?

  1. Daily coverage of all the top news.
  2. A complete brush-up of Current Affairs.
  3. Expected Questions from Current Affairs.
  4. Detailed discussion and explanation.
  5. Everyday update!

And more…

Do not miss the opportunity to score more than 120 in Prelims with Anjum Sir on Habitat! Prelims is not far, get started now!

This is available for absolutely FREE but we request you not to miss it!

Read how to score 120+ in UPSC IAS Prelims

What do you have to do?

  1. Join Habitat For Absolutely Free Sessions!
  2. Read The Discussions Happening On The General Page.
  3. Click On The Blue Box To Join The Discussion.
  4. Participate, Ask Questions, Engage, And Learn!

Don’t Miss Out On The Questions That May Help You Succeed!

Here is a list of topics and discussions you can join immediately:

Morning Current affairs Prashanth6:30 am
MPQ via MCQs Addya Rai9:00 pm
Revise Economics for IAS PrelimsRavi Ranjan11:00 am
English WritingAnand Prakash12:30 pm
Science and TechDr. Keerti1:00 pm
Samadhan CSATRavi Ranjan2:00 pm
Geography through mapsSandip More4:00 pm
Chat pe News: Current AffairsAnjum Sharma4:30 pm
Polity Laxmikant Amoghavarsha5:30 pm
Indian society and Social IssuesSiddharth 6:00 pm
Abhyaas: Answer WritingGarima7:00 pm
Samvad: Indian AgricultureRadhika Didwania7:30 pm
Ethics SimplifiedShubham8:00 pm
IAS Marathon Rohit Yadav9:00 pm
60 day UPSC PlanJoshua9:15 pm
IAS MCQsIshika9:30 pm
Midnight MCQs and revisionPreeti12:00

And many more…

Whatever you need, we have it here.

How to join a discussion?

After you have joined/registered on Habitat for free, go to the General club. Click on the blue box of the session you want to attend.

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