[Day 11] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Role of women and women’s organization) (Static +Dynamic + Analytical-Hattrick)

Women should be permitted to enter the sanctum of sanatorium at par with men. Critically examine the statement. 


The ban imposed some trusts prohibiting women contrivances the constitution.


  • – Discuss the past orthodox practices and current situation. Relate that to recent judicial judgment (4 marks)
  • – Discuss in relation Article 14, 15, 25 to make impact in answer (4 marks)
  • – Give future challenges and solution (2 marks)

GS II (Governance) (Static +Dynamic = Duplex)

What does one mean by a political philosophy approach to the constitution?  Critically examine


From evolution of Constitution to the present day political philosophy approach of constitution



  • – First, explain in brief the conceptual structure of the constitution (4 marks)
  •  -Explain possible meanings of terms used in the constitution such as ‘rights’, ‘citizenship’, ‘minority’ or ‘democracy’ (3 marks)
  •  – A philosophical treatment of a value is incomplete if a detailed justification for it is not provided. When the framers of the Constitution chose to guide Indian society and polity by a set of values, there must have been a corresponding set of reasons. (3 marks)

GS III (Health) (Static + Analytical – Duplex) 

While India is closer to identifying the number of patients who seek private treatment, regulating the sector is a challenge. Discuss


After efforts of so many years, still we are unable to curtail number of TB patients. Question is not on line of treatment but on the exact count of patients to target the disease in effective way.


  • – Explain the past and present method of data collection with difficulties involved in getting the accuracy of data (7 marks)
  • – Suggest way out and solution to reduce the number in short (3 marks)

GS IV  (Ethical Values – Hattrick)

There are a number of moral and ethical issues regarding surrogacy in India. Discuss

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