[Day 19 | GS1] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Important Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone) (Simplex) (Static)

Why are volcanoes called active even when there is no eruption? How would you find out if a volcano was going to explode? What are the relationships between geysers and volcanoes?


Static question. Answer each question with mandatory example at every place to get good marks


– Start with definition of Volcano. Differentiate between active and extinct volcanoes with examples (3 marks)

– State the reasons of explosion of with example. Explain how we can predict the volcano eruptions. Some changes are observed before the eruption, mention those changes. Suggest any advance mechanism or technological way of prediction.  (5 marks) 

– Explain the relation between geysers and volcanoes. (2 marks) 

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