[Day 30] Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS I (Changes in critical geographical features (including water bodies and ice-caps) (Hattrick)


Free electricity has made people drill deeper to get water for irrigation and is turning large parts of States such as Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana barren. Discuss. Do you think that there should be disciplined consumption and need strong regulation of Ground water management?


Ground deep ground water extraction is regulation is core of the question.


– First discuss on impact of free electricity on extraction of ground water. Too much of water is being consumed because we are not charging people for electricity. (NASA also gave in its report during the past decade, groundwater beneath the northern Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan has decreased by more than 88 million acre-feet.). Consequence of this water extraction. (4 marks)

– There has to be stronger regulation and disciplined consumption required as Several parts of States like Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan are becoming deserts as you have gone so deep to drill water. (4 marks)

– Way ahead and positive solution this problem (2 marks)

GS II (Issues relating health) (Hattrick)

Nowadays the country is in the grip of a strange fever. Its symptoms are similar to chikungunya and dengue but tests on patients show negative results for these mosquito-borne viral. What are the reasons of this strange outbreak? Do you think that environmental and manmade factors could be behind the spurt in cases?


Dengue and chikungunya continue to plague several states.


– Brief on Chikanguniya and dengue outbreak in country (2 marks)

– Reasons behind the outbreak of new diseases nowadays especially mosquito viral borne diseases (3 marks)

– Role of environmental factors (like September and October are suitable for mosquito breeding, increase in resistance of mosquitoes, climate change-temperature factor etc) (3 marks)

– Suggest solution to this and future challenges ahead (2 marks)

GS III (Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation) (Duplex)

Water quality of the river Ganga shows the presence of bacterial contamination besides traces of pollutants like heavy metals and pesticides.  What Factors have contributed to the pollution of the Ganga waters and its impact? Why Ganga cleaning is important? What efforts made by the Government and social organizations to clean?

Very easy. Ganga’s contamination and cleaning is core of the question.

 Contamination in Ganga, Causes and Impact (3 marks)

– Cleaning of Ganga is important- Longest, religious, transport, civilization, economics etc (3 marks)

-Efforts made by govt and social organization, effectiveness and way ahead (4 marks)

GS IV (Corruption-Ethics) (Duplex)

Recently, the charges of conspiracy and cheating were framed against a former coal secretary, who was perceived to be an ‘honest and upright’ officer by his colleagues throughout the entire carrier. Do you think that the present system leads to over-protection of the corrupt officers and undue victimisation of honest officer?


Both sides have to presented with balanced conclusion


– Analyze the case study with respect to conspitacy and cheating framed against the officers.

-Overprotection and undue victimization of corrupt officers and your views

– Balanced conclusion

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